Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week 37!

Spiritually Fed
Week 37—April 4, 2016

Okay this week was CRAZY!!  To start off we had a leak in our cute little kitchen.  Water was dripping from the ceiling super bad.  So we had to call the owner of the apartment and ask him to come and look at the leak.  The next day this guy had to come and cut a hole in our ceiling to see what was causing it.  To let people enter our house we had to call the assistants to Pres. Kuceki and tell them why someone was going to enter our house.  Then when the guy came to fix it, the assistants said we have to have Melchizedek priesthood holders in our apartment with us, so the Elders came in our apartment with us and we read the Book of Mormon, it was super funny.  Oh and the ceiling still isn’t fixed because the person living above us wasn’t home when the repair man was here, so I think today they will come again and hopefully get it all fixed! 

Okay the people here are soooo funny with Sister Kendell and me! People always stare at us in the street or say stuff to us because we are blonde Americans walking around haha.  I know I have already told stories, but it is just hilarious! This one man calls us the blonde angels. People are so intrigued with my eyes it makes me feel like I’m a superstar. The members never stop saying how beautiful we are.  I have never felt so ugly in my life, with my acne (because it’s so hot and I’m always sweating) and we eat...a lot.  But these people are so sweet and so loving, I love the Brazilians. (:

Okay, lets get to the good stuff...CONFERENCE!!!!  Holy cow, this church is so true you guys….it’s obvious!  What other church has a prophet, 12 apostles, and General Conference every six months.  What other church has 75,000 missionaries serving missions all over the world.  Leaving their families for 1 ½ --2 years to teach and preach the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  People have no idea all the work and organization that each mission has.  It’s like this secret army that no one knows about….its sooo cool.  This secret army of missionaries preparing their little area in the world for the second coming of Christ. What other church has 150 temples all over the world today!! Woot! Woot!!  The church is growing, the work is hastening, and I feel so honored to be apart of it!  The last prayer in the 2nd session of Saturday conference said, and bless the missionaries serving all over the world...and I don’t know why, but it just hit me!   THATS YOU!!  You´re in Brazil, your a missionary! AHHHH!!  Sometimes you just get in routines and forget things...its so AWESOME!!

Only the true church on the earth has all these things! 

Conference was incredible and every talk was what I needed to hear, my favorite talks this conference were Elder Uchtdorf and Elder Holland (big surprise, I know).  But holy cow!!  I loved what he said about the lost sheep!!  There are people that are lost, whether they don’t know about the church, or they could be members with difficult trials or challenges.  Whatever it is, he will rescue you, he will find you, because he loves you.  AHH!  There are people here that are lost, like our investigator, Patricia for example, or Rodrigues that were lost, trying to find their way, praying, and searching.  Then one day we had the feeling (from the holy ghost) to knock/clap at their door, and they heard the message of the restoration and knew God sent us to teach them the truth.  God never forgets his children, this is why he has missionaries that represent him to go and find his lost sheep.

I’m out of time folks, but the last line in Elder Holland’s talk, as well as everything he said before it, hit me hard.  “Of him I bare witness, and of him I am a witness.”  I know that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ appear to our Prophet and his apostles today, I have no doubts about it.  I am so grateful for worthy men that honor their priesthood that are guiding our church today.

I love you all!  Feed the missionaries this week or something, I know they are hungry! 

-Sister Smithie poo

We got to watch general conference in ENGLISH at the house of a member..
we were there from 8 in the morning until 8 at night (: 


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