Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Week 66

October 24, 2016--Week 66

I keep forgetting to tell you all, but the people here in Brazil think I look like the singer Adele..... I have never gotten that comment in all my life! hahaha!  She´s got a pretty face, so I’ll take it as a complement. (: I thought it was random and a bit humorous, so I had to share.

Other funny thing, this is the second companion that has told me that I talk and yell in my sleep.  Whenever I wake up I always say to my companion, Good Morning!  Did you sleep well?  Sister A. Smith said the other morning yeahhhh I slept good but I woke up to you yelling in your sleep and the last word I heard you yell was “Maria”....(background story) when we knock/clap at doors and no one comes, its like a joke so I just yell a name (which usually is Maria) in hopes that someone will come and tell us that Maria doesn’t live here, and then we can start talking to them.  Sister A. Smith thinks it’s so funny that I do this.  So one time she yelled “Maira” and this girl came to the door and her name was Maria!  It was a funny, awkward moment.  Maria is the most popular Brazilian name.  ANYWAY, I guess I don’t just yell “Maria” at people’s door, but I yell it in my sleep too! haha

Another hilarious moment that happened yesterday that I am just DYING to share. Yesterday was our zone meeting and my companion Sister A. Smith was asked to give the closing prayer.  Sister A. Smith talks a little quiet and she said a word during the prayer and the ending sounded like amen, and so one of the elders, yells AMEN!!! And everyone hears him say amen and half of us said amen and the other half were confused and looked up at Sister A. Smith.  She was still praying and opened her eyes a little and looked around like she was thinking “ummmm, I didn’t finish my prayer yet,” this is awkward.  So she continued praying and hurried and finished the prayer.  Then our entire zone busted out laughing, so hard they started CRYING!!!  It was sooo funny!!  Sister A. Smith laughed too (:

Not much happened this week, but that is just the way it goes sometimes.  We did find some less active members and taught them several lessons.  You gotta look at the everyday miracles people, there are tons of them!!  But I had the wonderful opportunity to talk in sacrament meeting and I’m at the point that I don’t get nervous until about 5 minutes before I speak! So, I already gave a talk/training session for my zone a month ago on charity so I didn’t have to write a talk. So, I got up there and was reading my talk and it wasn’t going very well, then I shared an experience about when the pictures on my camera got erased, and for the first time in my life, I reacted in the way the Savior would react, and then I just started sharing my feelings.  The spirit took over and I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I started talking about Christ and how during his whole life, people persecuted him and betrayed him, but he reacted withe love and patience.  I talked about how we can react to our challenges and be like him and try to become better. I shared the quote from Elder Holland: “we get credit for trying! God blesses those that have the desire, and try to keep the commandments!”  I literally felt like an instrument in the Lord’s hands when I was up there speaking.  It was super special, my Portuguese isn’t perfect, but God uses the imperfect, the weak and simple to do his work.  I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to be a part of it.  Then, after my talk, some people said it was an answer to their prayers.   It was a very special experience.  

The church is true and the book is so blue, and has exaltation written all over it!!!!

- Sister Smith

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 65

October 17--Week 65

Transfers happened and SISTER A. SMITH AND SISTER J. SMITH ARE STAYING TOGETHER!!!!  YESSSSS!!!  HERE in Novo Mundo!  Thank you Heavenly Father, I love you!(:  Every week out here in the mission is a week full learning and trusting in the Lord.  

Okay, so last week Luciana didn’t get baptized because she didn’t stop drinking coffee.  After teaching and repeating why it was a commandment she still didn’t understand why a little coffee wasn’t okay.  I asked her if she loved God or coffee more, she said God.  We gave her a challenge to try and always remember her goal, and the big perspective of entering the temple and one day, the Celestial Kingdom!  We were praying for her and we decided to fast for her and our other investigator Joana this week. This fast I decided not to complain even one time about how hungry I am or how hot it is to show Heavenly Father I truly needed him, and a miracle.  You guys, Goiania is HOT!  Its super hot during the day, the night, and the entire year.  Its not easy to fast out here in the heat when you´re walking and talking.  When we closed our fast and then visited Luciana and asked her if she had drank coffee she said no...we were like YES!!!  Then we told her that the elders would be passing by to interview her.  She was super happy and excited. When we left we were jumping up and down with happiness!!  LUCIANA WAS BAPTIZED!!!  The miracles of fasting people!  
Then get this, the next day she had to receive the Holy Ghost at Sacrament Meeting and her alarm didn’t go off and the gate was locked in front of her house to knock on her door and wake her up.  So my companion and I were yelling and clapping to try to wake her up.  Finally, after 30 minutes and lots of prayers she woke up.  We were late for church and I said if you want to receive the Holy Ghost today, we have to run...because they do confirmations at the beginning of the meeting and sometimes, if you are late you have to wait until next Sunday.  So we were literally running the entire way to church to get there on time.  When we walked into church they are finishing the last line of the sacrament Hymn.  I look and there was Pres. and Sister Bührer smiling as we walked in!  We were late, but at least we made it in time for the sacrament.   So Luciana received the Holy Ghost and it was so special!  Lots of miracles and tender mercies this week!

I have been reflecting on this scripture this week, D&C 67: 3.  “Ye endeavored to believe that ye should receive the blessing which was offered unto you; but behold, verily I say unto you, there were fears in your hearts, and verily this is the reason that ye did not receive.

10.  And again, I say unto you that it is your privilege and a promise I give unto you that have been ordained unto this ministry, that in as much as you strip yourselves of jealousies and fears and humble yourselves before me, for ye are not sufficiently humble, the veil shall be rent and you shall see me and know that I am not with the carnal neither natural mind, but with the spiritual.

Ye are not able to abide the presence of God now, neither the ministering of angels; wherefore, continue in patience until ye are perfected.”

I have learned out here that when we pray and fast we are closer to God.  We feel his presence and can receive revelation and that miracles do and will happen. When we sacrifice things we like that may be keeping us from becoming better we are one step closer to becoming more like the Savior.  Like the scripture says, God isn’t with the natural man or carnal mind, he is above us, is thoughts, his plans, everything.  He knows what’s best, he knows what we need.  We just need to trust him and follow him and be an instrument in his hands.  He´ll do the rest and we´ll see his miracles and have an opportunity and honor to be apart of them. 

God lives.  This is his church.  I know it everyday more and more out here.

Te amo,
 Sister Smithie

 Luciana was baptized on Friday!!!! 

 Today's Lunch!
We ate pizza on Saturday...
I love brazil and their pizza!!! ((: 

Love this awesome graffiti wall! 
 The Mocking Jay 
Look at this cool tree...
We visited a park last was we´re going to go on a nature walk (cough..Kylie)
Neat bird...
Lovely Lake

 Look at this cool plant!

 Mom, I heard you are making lots of 
brooms for Halloween, 
I found a Brazilian one.. hehehe

Our cute zone picture

Love these Sisters

I love having a companion that likes taking lots of pictures. hehehehe, 
"Yesterday was a good, a very good day, yeahhhh, I love good days!"
....Aleece, where did I get that quote from?(:

Week 64

Strengthening Others Strengthens You Too!
 Oct. 10, 2016—Week 64

First of all my, companion Sister A. Smith is a crack up! Let me give you some examples; we were walking into a lesson and she was looking at me and banged her head into a wooden pole!  Her nose and forehead were pretty bruised up the next day!  Then that night, we were getting ready for bed, and I was cleaning something in the kitchen and she´s getting dressed in the other room and I hear a BANG!!!  Then a super slow...  “Oh, my goodness...”  I ran into the room and her glass perfume bottle fell and shattered all over the floor!  It was sad but her reaction was so hilarious, we were both laughing so hard!  

Then the next day after lunch we bought ice cream and we were walking to our lesson.  We both were laughing super hard because of something the man in the ice cream shop said.  We were literally crying walking in the street with our melting ice cream cones because we couldn’t eat them we were laughing so hard!  

Then the other night we were walking in the street and this huge dog was by us but it was walking by it’s owner.  I commented on what a big dog was walking by us.   Sister hadn’t noticed it yet and when she looked over it scared her to death and she started screaming!   I told her to calm down, that the dogs owner was with it so she didn’t need to be scared!  Then she told me when something scares or surprises her she screams.   I’ve found out by experience this is true.  

Later we were on the bus and if you don’t hold on tight in the buses you go flying...haha  Sister A. Smith wasn’t holding on tight enough and went flying and banged into this lady.  I was trying super hard not to laugh but I couldn’t hold it in. Let´s just say my companion is awesome, I laugh all day with her!  Transfers are this week and I hope that we get to stay together!! (:

This week was a week was bitter and sweet, but more on the sweet side!(: Okay, you know how I said that Luciana was ready to get baptized after going to General Conference?  This member said, “you need to be careful because Satan is going to try to get in your way so you don’t get baptized this week.”  I knew it was true, but I don’t like to tell investigators that.  Well it happened!  She started doubting everything we said, and when we taught about the Word of Wisdom she said she would stop drinking coffee and that it wouldn’t be a problem for her.

The next time we saw her she said she drank some and didn’t understand why just drinking a little coffee wasn’t okay.  We explained it is a commandment that Joseph Smith received revelation from God and we read the scripture 2 Nephi 9:24 that says if you don’t get baptized and repent of your sins you will be condemned.  We asked her how she felt about this scripture and we taught her about the plan of salvation and how important it is to keep the commandments and get baptized if we want to return and live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in the celestial kingdom...I don’t think I have ever taught a lesson with the spirit was so strong!  I had the experience that Elder Holland taught about.  When he said, you missionaries are the investigators when you are teaching someone and the spirit is the teacher/missionary...this literally happened to me.  I felt like all that I was saying and teaching Luciana was true and I knew it was when I was teaching it to her.  The spirit was confirming to me when I was teaching her that it was true!  It was so COOL!!!  When we teach with the spirit we learn more...sometimes more than the people who are being taught by us!  After we taught her, we said, what kingdom do you want?  She said, the Celestial Kingdom.  Then we said, are you going to stop drinking coffee to get there?   She said, “yes!”  It was a really special lesson. (:  We realized that she also needs to have a stronger testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon to stop drinking, so we will help her more with that! 

But get this...this sister of a member said at General Conference last Sunday,  “I’m getting baptized this Saturday.”  So someone told us that she said this and we were like what?  We need to get teaching her then, we taught her all the lessons this week and she was baptized!!  MIRACLES!!!  She was so excited and when we would leave chapters for her to read in the Book of Mormon she would write a paragraph about what she learned it was the cutest thing!! 

- Sister Smith

 Last p-day we had a BBQ at a members house yum yum!!  
 Our neighbor banged on our door at 6 am and we open it and they gave us milk and this picture...haha
Going on splits with this awesome Sister!!! 

At General Conference;
We are praying Luciana 
will be baptized next week
 At General Conference with Gislaine who was baptized a couple weeks ago.
 This cutie was baptized on Saturday!

Walking to church with Gislaine

  Look at this trash can, its a shopping cart!

This is a trianchula (a big spider) I told Aleece that I have never seen a big spider here in Brazil. But this week I saw 5 of these crawling around and they say they will burn your skin if you touch them....Yuck!