Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 63

The Smith Sisters!
Week 63—October 3, 2016

What a week it has been!!!  Sister Gondolas went home last Monday because of health reasons!  I will miss her and hope she gets better soon!  Lots of other things happened this week as well, I got a new companion, we had a Leader Training Meeting with President, aaaand it was GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!  Wasn´t conference just amazing?  I loved it!  The Saturday! 

Okay, so I got a new companion!!  You will not believe what her name is.... Sister A. Smith....Hahahaha!!  President Bührer has been cracking jokes about how we have the same last name!  He jokes, “the Sister Smiths will teach about their grandpa’s Joseph and Hyrum Smith.” ahhaha!  Sister A. Smith is from Georgia and has been on her mission10 months!  The first time I met her she was like “Oh, I read your blog before my mission!”  Then when we were walking in the street the other day, there was a dead rat in the road and I about had a heart attack and looked the other direction.  She said “Oh yeah, your scared of rats.”  I’m like, “how´d you know?”  She said, “I read your blog when you were walking with Sister Amaral and there was a huge pile of rats in the road and you ran off screaming!”  I replied, “yep, you sure did read my blog.” haha, It was hilarious!!  Then when we did our planning for the week, I asked her how she was doing and if there was anything I could do to help her.  She said, “No, I am great, it has always been my dream to be your companion!  I’m excited to learn a lot from you!”  I was like Awwwwww, she´s a sweetheart!!  We are having tons of fun together.(:

Conference was amazing!  I cant narrow down what talk I liked best!  I loved Uchdorf´s about being more excited about being a member of the church.  It’s life changing to realize that we are literally sons and daughters of God.  I think if we knew how valiant we were in the pre-mortal life, we wouldn’t make the dumb decisions we make.  

Get this, Gisleine who was baptized last week came to conference and then our investigator did too!  They were talking and taking notes the entire time.  We were at the church “down town” from noon to 7pm.  Luciana our investigator wants to get baptized this Saturday!!  We were talking to the bishop and out of the blue he asked Luciana if she wanted to be baptized this Saturday.  That was funny because the day before Luciana said she wanted to wait awhile to be baptized.   But then after she watched General Conference she said she wanted to be baptized this coming Saturday!!!  AHHHH!! WHOOHOO!! MIRACLES!!  This Saturday she will get baptized!! Luciana said to us, its a testimony alone that this church is true because no one leaves their country, family, and lives for something that isn’t true.  She knows it’s true!  The Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ and only things that are of God.  I know the church is true!!!  SHE´S ELECT!  (: 

I love you all!  Thanks for your love and support.  The Elders just called and asked me what airport is by my house...I’m like nooooo!!!  They just bought my plane ticket home.....

- Com amor, Sister Smithie
The Smith Sisters!
Me with my new companion Sister A. Smith!

The new Sister Training Leaders at our training meeting woot woot!!!(:  
 This guy was in Uncle Ben and Aunt Gianetta's ward in Tennessee...but not anymore because they moved to UTAH!!! 

Turtle, turtle....we walked out of our house and there were these 2 turtles and I was like what the random. This is cool! Our neighbors have them as pets and I didnt even know. hahaha

I love my new companion!!!

Driving to General Conference and taking advantage of taking pictures.. hehehe 

This guy was juggling 
in the middle of the road???

 Gisleine and Luciana at General Conference 
I love these girls so much!

Missionary "kids" in Goiania with their 
parents (trainer). Love these people!
 Look! It's Estephany who was baptized almost a year ago now!!
Some Members!
I love this member, Kenya!!
Look! My mommy Maura!! We had General Conference at the Stake Center and 
she was there with her family!! 
It was so great to see her!!

haha.. Sister took this with my mommy.


Me with an afro!!!

Thanks for the letters Ben and Gianetta's family! Love you guys, they made me cry!
 Oh, and shout out to my amazing cousin Sierra who got her call to the Philippines!  
I am so excited for you, you´ll be an outstanding, powerful missionary!! 
(: love you!!
 Love this picture Kiana drew..adorable!!  

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