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week 62

You can only Give, what you already Have

Week 62—Sept. 25, 2016

If I want to share my testimony, if I want to teach someone what I know is true, I have to believe it myself.  President Buhrer always says, you learn and understand first.  You read the Book of Mormon and you find answers to your questions.  You understand why we have and keep the commandments and then you share it with others.  Others will believe and feel the spirit if you do first!

This week we had a BAPTISM!!! WOOT WOOT!! Gisliani was baptized!!  A tender mercy from our Father in Heaven this week, because we haven’t been out of our house all week because of Sister´s health.  When the Elder´s asked Gisliani who she wanted to baptize her, she said, “Well, I want Sister Smith to baptize me, but John the Baptist was a man, so that´s not going to work.”  I literally busted out laughing, everyone did!  I love her so much!  We have been teaching her for a month now and she has been looooving everything.  She has just been scared to be baptized because she doesn’t want to mess up after.  We explained that, unfortunately, no one is perfect after baptism. We all sin, make mistakes and do dumb things after we are baptized. We are all human.  If God expected everyone to be perfect after baptism, there´d only be one person ever baptized, and thus entering into his kingdom...Jesus Christ.  That’s why we have the atonement, so we have the opportunity to repent and become better after baptism.  Luckily, we also have something that helps keep us on the straight and narrow path, the Holy Ghost.  He teaches us, testifies, warns, and comforts us.  He makes us stronger.  After explaining this, she was still unsure.  Then I said look, pray about it and ask God if you should be baptized this Saturday.  I called a couple days later and she said, mark my baptism for this Saturday...AHHHH!!  Sister Gonzalez and I were so happy!!  It was such a special baptism, Gislaine was so nervous, she was so cute! haha (:

A miracle happened this week that I HAVE to share.  So as some of you know my companion has been having some health problems and it isn’t looking too good.  It´s been really difficult for me.  I’ve been worried about her, praying for her and talking with Pres. Buhrer.  So this week I didn’t sleep for 3 nights in a row!  That has NEVER happened on my mission.  I usually sleep like a rock out here because we work, walk, talk, and sweat all day everyday in the sun.  I get home at night and die on my bed, its awesome.  But I couldn’t sleep again and I was going on splits the next day and the whole night I wasn’t able to sleep.  I felt sick and couldn’t stop thinking about Sister Gonzales.  I was walking around the house most of the night, it was awful.  The poor Sister I was going on splits with was probably so annoyed because I kept waking her up.  

Anyway, we start our day and I told the Sister I was on splits with that I couldn’t sleep and I was worried about stuff.  She prayed for me throughout the day.  When we said our prayers together that night, we prayed I would sleep good, and not worry, and that everything would work out with my companion.  

You guys...that night I was so worried to sleep because I thought it would be another night of tossing and turning.  I said my prayers and got into bed and I am not lying or exaggerating, but my whole body felt this warmth come over it and this sleepiness...I can’t explain it to you all.  It was not the normal feeling I have had when I’m tired and trying to sleep.  I knew it was God.  I was lying there and my mind started drifting off and I was like, what is this?  This is the best feeling!  I was trying to toss and turn and worry, but this calmness came over my body.  It was like the feeling said, nope, you´re going to sleep.  Then I remembered that Sister had prayed for me and I knew, I KNEW that God heard her prayers.  Heavenly Father answered her prayers and my prayers, and I slept so good that night!  The nights after I never felt that same warmth and comfort come over my body like the first night, but I’ve been able to sleep and be at peace again.  I know Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers.  He loves us.  He is aware of our worries, our struggles and our needs.  He is willing to help us if we are willing to pray with faith and ask him.  Miracles happen, God lives and he is so real.  I know He is, and this experience was just another testimony to me, that He is REAL and he is so aware of us.  I love him and I’m so grateful for him.  He is my Father and my hero!! 

I hope you all have an awesome week!!  Thanks for all your support and prayers!!  I’M SO EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

- Sister Smith

p.s. President Buhrer just called, my companion is going home right now.  We will eat lunch with Pres. and then she will go home today. 

Gislianis Baptism!

 Gisliani is 25 years old, but she looks 17!

Treats after the baptism!

I love this member, she is the greatest!!!
Me and my companion!  I adore her! 

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