Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 60

One Direction & In-N-Out
Week 60—September 12, 2016

I forgot a funny story that happened two weeks ago at Pizza Hut with all the trainers and the new missionaries.  We were all eating pizza and talking and this new Elder says “Hey Sister Smith, do you like One Direction?”  Our mission President was sitting right in front of him when he asked me and I just looked at him and hesitated to respond.  Then President Bührer says, “That´s not a missionary type of question.” Then the elder says “Oh...I mean Do you like Preach my Gospel?”  Then President puts his had on my shoulder and says “the One Direction you´re going in is to read Preach My Gospel.”  I literally busted out laughing; I thought it was the funniest thing ever!!  President is just a crack up and super clever!!  So when we were driving in his car to Pizza Hut we were talking about restaurants he visited when he was in Utah.  President was in Utah because he had a meeting with the apostles and all the new Mission Presidents.  He ate at a lot of restaurants in Utah.  I said which was his favorite, and he said In-N-Out.  I’m like, animal style?  And he´s like “well yeahhh??”  I responded back, “the fry’s animal style too?”  “Yeah,” he said.  Then I predicted, “we´re going to be great friends!”  (Dad, I found you a new best buddy to go to In-N-Out with! Haha)  Then we get talking about all the places he visited in Utah and he said Arches National Park and Zion’s.  I told him how I grew up going to Arches every year with my family, we loooove it there!!  When we got to the restaurant he showed me all his videos and pictures of Arches.  It was awesome!!  I want to go there now!!(: 

President and his family came to our church yesterday, and I was so happy.  He gave a talk and holy cow everyone in the congregation was laughing the entire time.  He is just so animated and funny.  One minute your laughing and the other you are crying. I feel honored to have him as my president.  I’m seriously so blessed. 

Love you all!

-Sister Smith

 Hands that help!

We handed these out one morning this week!! It was fun!! 

my 2nd parents!!

Look who visited us my daughter and my other companion Sister Vital and Mendez!! 
 I love Sister Gonzalez! 
 NEW garments = Happy Sister Smith 

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