Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 51

I Have a New Mission President!
Week 51—July 11, 2016

As you all know, I was super sad that Pres. and Sister Kuceki left and I was nervous to meet our new mission president and his wife because...who could be better than the Kuceki´s ya know?  Yeah, well....I LOVE MY NEW PRESIDENT AND IS WIFE!!! President Bührer is soooo FUNNY and he is extremely energized for his new calling.  His wife is super sweet and outgoing.  They were so excited to meet all of us!  They came to Patos and had a meeting with our zone.  They introduced themselves and we all fell in love with them!!  I am sooooo happy!  They are young, fresh, and excited to be here, it just made me so pumped!  They are AWESOME!!!  They are super personable and want to get to know each and everyone of us.  And how cool is it that my companion is already friends with them!  They were at her mission call opening and went through the temple with her!  You guys, why do I only have 6 months of my mission left?

President and Sister Buhrers talks were amazing!  Some things I loved that they said, “Maybe I don’t know all the scriptures, but I know that I have felt the love of our Savior.” - Sister Buhrer 

“Things on this earth like a big house, lots of money, cute clothes will stay here, but our families will be with us after this life.” -Sister Buhrer

President is a crack up, I love him!  He said, "The first person that needs to be blessed on your mission is YOU.  You need to be the first one to benefit from the gospel.  You need to be the first one to develop the attributes of Christ.  Study for yourself and then teach what you know to others.”  Then he said, "okay, you can quote me on this one, write it down or something.  When you get home from your mission, you won’t have time to study like you´re studying now.  You will have school, work, you´ll get married, you´ll have a million things to do.  The mission is the only time in your life when you´ll have time to actually study the gospel, so take advantage of it.  You’ll use everything you study now for the rest of your lives!  When you have a calling in the future you´ll see how much a mission helped you and prepared you for it." -Pres. Bührer (I love him)

Ahhh he said so many things that were so good.  I am so happy with my new Mission President!!

It was a great week!  I have lots other stories to tell you next week!!  I love you all!! xoxoxo

-Sister Smith

This is me right now writing you at the internet cafe!!! 

Look at the view PEOPLE!!!! 

Dressed up for Independence Day!  
Teaching English at the school.

My room in Patos!

The outside of where we live.

WE LOVE BIS! don't worry fam bam ya´ll get to try some when I get home...
I'll bring ya tons!!! xoxoxo

Look at my journal, the other Sister Smith in my mission gave it to me!!

Family night with the stake pres., bishop, and our investigatores!!! 
Fish and chips and patato salad!! yum yum!!

A member taught us how to make Cheese Bread on P-day!

 Still making Cheese Bread....

Making cheese bread was a looooong process hahaha!! 
But it was a super fun P-day thanks to this awesome member!!!

I curled this Sisters hair too!

Beautiful flower, right!?!?

This flower had all these bugs on it and we didn't know until after...haha!! 

Sister Codero and I are twiners! 
I loooove her, we are besties!! 

 Sister Bührer and her daughter with me and my companion!!  

Mine and my companions dirty feet after a full day of walking.

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