Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Week 68

Happy Moments 
Week 68--Nov. 7, 2016

This week was a good one!  Our English class is going good!  We are trying to get more people there.  We need to do a handout or something, to remind and tell people about the class, but hey, there have been a few people there.  I gave the closing prayer in English and tried to bear my testimony at the class, it didn’t go to well.  Let´s just say, I’m glad I’ve got a week before my homecoming talk when I get home or I think I’d get up there and give my entire talk in Portuguese!! Hahaha! 

Okay, so we hit the rainy season here in Brazil and it´s been super rainy this week.  I love it because it’s not so crazy HOT!!  The heat where’s you out and when it rains its a lot cooler outside.  Sister A. Smith and I have gotten the hang of the wearing pants and we´re liken it!  PANTS RUUUULE!!  We just wear skirts on Sundays and if there is a big reunion with our mission.

Want to know the greatest thing about a mission?  When you get to see your converts progress in the gospel!  They are the greatest, happiest moments of all!!!  When you see your converts excited about learning more, when they are reading the Book of Mormon, and sitting next to you partaking of the sacrament on Sundays.  It’s priceless!

We all go to church for the same purpose, to renew our covenants that we made at baptism, to be washed clean of our sins and try to become better.  We go to church to feel the spirit and to learn or feel something that strengthens our testimony.   We also go to church to strengthen our testimony and to help strengthen others testimony as well.  There is just nothing better, I want to stay in Brazil forever just to watch these people progress in the gospel!  My friend that is serving in Rio Verde said that one of my converts is turning in his papers to serve a mission!!!  I got so excited I was jumping up and down!!!  The first time I met him he was drunk and now he´s cleaned up his life, let God change him and is preparing to serve a mission!!  It´s the greatest news in the world to hear that!!  Stephaney said she wants to serve a mission too!!(:  I remember what Elder Nelson said, what we want to see in our missionary work is your recent converts, serving missions, entering the temple and then seeing their posterity doing the same!  We want it to affect generations!  It´s starting and I’m seeing a little of it!!

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!!!!(:

Com MUITO Amor,
- Sister Smith

Jessica with her recent converts in Novo Mundo. One member said, "Oh Sister Smith, how many men have you baptized with those big blue eyes?"  I said, "only women here in Novo Mundo." (It's the spirit who converts people!)  I LOVE my converts!!!!

The market next to our house.  

We had hoof for dinner this week.
Brazilian Pizza is Better than American Pizza!

The rainy season has definitely started!

I kind of love açai people....

 Joana's daughters came to support their mom at her baptism.

 The elders call us "The Pant Crew."

 More Yummy Brazilian food!
 BBQ after the clean-up!
 Us with this cute member in her car, she is going to marry an american and wants me to be her bridesmade..she's moving to the U.S.A.!

 Yay!  Mom sent me an English Hymn Book!

Me doing the same pose I did in Hawaii, 
7 years ago! hahaha
(Actual picture from 7 years ago.)

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