Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week Four!

Week 4: I Love the People in Brasil!!!

Wow, what a busy, crazy awesome week!!! Can I just say, being a missionary is the best decision I have ever made. I love it here!! This week was a busy one so hold on tight!! 
On Sunday we watched one of the testament movies of when Christ was killed and then came to the earth after he was resurrected and blessed the people. I was crying through the entire movie! I am so grateful for our savior Jesus Christ. I know without a doubt he is real and that he suffered for our sins and died on the cross for each one of us.  He gave his life knowing not everyone would accept this gift.  He is my hero, he is love, he is everything good in this world.  I love him!! I know that he performed miracles, healed the sick, made the blind see, suffered the pains, sins, and sorrows of the world and I know that he can help me learn Portuguese and guide me on my mission.  I know he loves us more than anything and I love him. I feel so honored to have the opportunity to wear his name around for a year and a half.
Tuesday nights we always have devotionals and we got to watch Elder Nelson who is now the President of the Quorum of the 12 apostles talked to the missionaries at Provo. I’m so bummed I missed seeing him by like 5 days!! Oh well, Brasil is better (; His talk was INCREDIBLE!! I was taking notes the entire time! He talked about how when our parents send us on a mission how they are nervous, pray for us, help us prepare and have faith that we will have success.  Then when we come home, there is a big party, hugs and kisses from everyone and it is the happiest day.  Then he related that to when Heavenly Father sends us on a journey to mortality.  He helps us prepare, he guides, blesses, and hopes that we will make the right decisions. Then when we return to heaven after our successful earthly mission, IMAGINE THAT HOMECOMING!!!!! He talked about how important it is for us to teach the people in our missions and have their kids and grandkids become converted to the gospel.  He said, “you missionaries will affect generations to come.”  Nelson said that if you convert anyone on your mission, it should be you. It was a fantastic talk.
On Thursday we went proselyting!!! We took this crazy bus into the city where you can shop and all sorts of stuff.  We each had 3 Books of Mormon and had to go give them out.  I wasn’t nervous until our teacher said, “okay go on, meet back here in 30 minutes.”  Sister Oldroyed and I were like, “Okay...who should we talk to?”  There were tons of people walking, shopping, singing, selling stuff. It was like this big shopping gallery with cobblestone roads, it was beautiful! So many different types of people!  Then our teacher came over and said, “Ask that guy!”
My companion talked to him first and then after that, we were on fire! Only one lady turned us down and we gave our books out in 20 minutes, we were the first ones done!!  The Elders were having a hard time, it was sad. Our teacher said, “people listen to the sisters more because first of all we´re ladies and second we are more attractive.” (hahaha) It was so cool to get to do that! After we placed them, we wanted to keep going!
So I didn´t have time to tell how on our P-days we get to go to the temple. Today we went to the Campinus temple; it was two hours away, so it was a long drive.  It was so beautiful and I love getting to go to the temple. I just love temples.
Last Wednesday, we went to Sao Paulo temple and it was GORGEOUS!! I am so excited to get to send pictures of it after the MTC!!! The missionaries from South America crack me up. They came up to me asking if they could get a picture with me in front of the temple!  I love the people here. They make me feel so good! The sisters from South America are obsessed with my eyes and like to touch my face and get pictures with me. They are so cute!! 
I got to tell you this! So this black missionary from here sat by me at breakfast one day and talked to me in his broken English.  He asked me if I had a boyfriend and I was like, “No,” and he was so shocked.  All the other elders were laughing at him like, “Dude, we are on a mission!”
Then my friends Elder Banz and Elder King said, “Sister, we have to tell you something! This elder that sat by you at breakfast is our roommate. He walked into their room last night and said I am in love with Sister Smith.”  ...hahaha! Then today, the elders said they told him my first and middle name and he was acting like one of the elders was me. He said, “Jessica Jayne you are so beautiful, words can´t describe you. When you smile, I just can´t handle it!” I was laughing so hard. It’s so hilarious!! I think he´s super good looking, but we´re on a mission. ;)
Okay, funny story. So I got this dress from Downeast that my best friend Ali gave me a discount on!  So one day I wore it and it snagged on this sisters bag and it made a little hole. It wasn’t that noticeable so I decided I´d wear it yesterday! It was lunchtime and I was talking to some elders.  Suddenly, my friends Sister Childs and Sister Wilkins told me, “Sister, there is another hole in the back of your dress.” There was a gigantic whole on my bum and you could totally see my underwear! So embarrassing, but so funny!! That would happen to me!! I will never wear that dress again!!
Anyway, the church is true. Being a missionary is the greatest thing ever. The language is hard, but I´m just taking it day by day. I miss you all like crazy! Thank your for all your prayers, love, and support! Tchau!!!
-Sister Smith



  1. Jessie you are so cute I just love you!!!

  2. I LOVE hearing from you and knowing you are safe and happy!!!! You are amazing!