Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week One!

Sister Jessica Smith enters the Provo MTC on July 15th, 2015!

Week 1:  I Love you Family & Friends!

Oi Familia, friends, ward members and anyone else reading this!!  Sorry this is going to be a long one, I got to tell you all the awesome stuff that's happened and that I do everyday! Meu nome e sister smiche!! Haha that's how they say it in Portuguese!(: I can't believe I have been in the Provo MTC for almost a week now!! I am doing so good and loving it here! (((:
Okay so, saying bye to you all was soooo hard for me! I was so nervous, excited, and I felt like I was walking in to the unknown. I saw sister Liljenquist at the curb, and that kind of calmed my nerves.  It was so good to see her and give her a hug.  I still have the picture in my head of waving one last time to my amazing family and then turning around and walking and starting this new adventure.  I immediately had to pull myself together and put a smile on because they sent me into a room with a bunch of missionaries to get my badge, key, and other important stuff.  My cute host, that picked me up is in my zone and is also going to Brazil.  Everyone in the MTC is so NICE!!! Holy cow, my first day, everyone was like welcome to the MTC sister! What mission are you going on? Where are you from? Hello!! How are you? Everyone has a smile on their face and is so loving! The spirit is so strong here, I love it!
So as soon as I got there, I put my bags in my room and my host took me to meet my district.  I was late to class because I took twenty years saying good bye to my family haha...it was worth it! I walk into class with a teacher smiling and talking in portuguese, two elders, and two sisters...I was going to be in a trio! Woot woot!!!(: So our zone are all Portuguese speakers.  Some are going to Portugal and the rest are VISA waiters for Brazil.  The deal is when you get your VISA, you get sent to the MTC.  We checked where my VISA was today and I have all of the four dots filled, so I could be leaving Provo MTC in like a week or two...I don't know how I feel about that, because today I got a new companion and she is SO FUN, FUNNY, and I LOVE HER!! Her name is sister Stowell and and she from Murry Utah and she knows David Archuleta, so it's whatever.  So she was already in my zone, but everyone in her district got their VISA's and she didn't, so now she is my new companion as of today!(; I'm super stoked! She's been here for 3 weeks and the day I met her we became friends and now WE ARE COMPANIONS!!! Such a tender mercy! My 2 other companions, sister Habel(from portland) and sister Oldroyd(from orem) are together which is awesome because they are good friends and are awesome missionaries and have taught me a lot and helped me with the language too.  We all still live together so thats fun!!! I still have class with my old companions and my companion will be in a different class, but other then that, we will be together!!(: Being a VISA waiter can be a little complicated and things can always be changing.  I like it, because you only grow when you aren't comfortable (;
Okay so after I met my district the first day, we went to a welcoming meeting with all the new missionaries that came that day and we met the MTC Presidency and they talked about missionary work! Then, we all sang called to serve...it was SO INCREDIBLE!  The spirit was radiating in that room I kid you not! I felt like the army of heleman! I was like sitting there like, oh my word, I'm in the MTC, oh my word, I'm ON my mission, oh my word, I'm here for a year and a half!! I was kind of in shock for the first couple days, but it's gotten a lot better haha.  Okay so my first couple days were like workshops and they weren't that intense, we were just getting settled in and meeting our branch presidency, they are great by the way! They all have either served in Brazil or were mission presidents there! (:
Okay people have been asking about what I do all day so here it is;
6:30 get up and get ready, 7:00 be in class to plan your day with companions, 7:45 breakfast (ps. the food is decent, they usually have a lot of options, I usually stick to salads.  They have BYU ice cream on Wed. and Sundays...GRAM CANYON, is my fav. I always get that) then 8:15 we do personal study with companions, 9:30-12:30 our teacher comes in and teaches us Portuguese and about the gospel and PMG( preach my gospel) Oh and Holy cow, we have like not even kidding 10 different books that we use, everyday for translating, verbs, conjugating, dictionary, it's a lot to carry around and keep organized.  My teacher is sister Carr.  She is 21, married, went on a mission to Brazil, from Georgia, and was a cheerleader.  She is the cutest person ever, I LOVE HER! SHE IS THE GREATEST! So during those hours she coaches us and then helps us personally with the language...which helps me a lot. 12:30 is lunch, 1:15 me and the two other sisters meet with our investigator(fake investigator that will become our teacher later).  We try to teach him in about the gospel in Portuguese..it is extremely difficult because we barely know the language, but it is good because challenges us.  Yesterday we met with him for the 3rd time and I was trying to explain something in Portuguese and I was really struggling and I was like uuuuumm, and busted out laughing and said sisters...take it over! Haha, sometimes you just got to laugh and not be hard on yourself. So then from 1:45-4:15 we study and plan our lesson for the next day with our investigator.  Then 4:15-5:15 we have gym time! I love it because I can go run either outside or in the gym and just think about other stuff besides Portuguese haha.  Me and sister Habel like to run a couple miles together and do sit ups.  Not going to lie, I feel like I am losing weight here and working out more here then at home! Then after, we have dinner at 5:45, the 6:30-9:30 is personal study, companionship study, and language study! It's so great! then 9:30 you get ready for bed and lights out at 10:30!!! (:
Okay so that's my usual day! I am running low on time, but I LOVE MY DISTRICT and ZONE everyone is like so nice and friendly.  My elders in my district are like my brothers, haha I love them, we all have lots of fun together! We go to the MTC choir and holy, the spirit is incredible.  The MTC is truly amazing, they really do love their missionaries and want them their testimonies to grow and for us to feel the spirit.  We have had some insanely good devotionals and watched some amazing talks.  EVERYONE watch Elder Bednar's Character of Christ talk or read it!! It is amazing!!  It talks about missionaries and how we are on the Lords time.  Bednar says how christ always turns outward while we turn inward and how we need to care about others more.  Listening to that video of him talking really changed my life and made me want to be a better missionary and to love everyone unconditionally and to not think of myself but think of others! My time is up! I will write more inspiring stuff I learn next week!!

Love you! 
Love sister Smith

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