Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week Three!

Week 3:  I Love Brasil!!!!

Ok, sooo I thought I liked the Provo MTC...nahhh, Brasil is where it´s at!!  HOLY COW!!!!!!  The flight here was torture because I didn´t sleep for two hours!!!  Although, there is a bright side to this tragic long flight I experienced.  I sat next to this guy from Sao Paulo and we talked FOREVER!!!!  He was so nice and he asked me all about missionary work and why we wear dresses all the time and why we can´t go visit cool places while we´re here.  He asked about all the classic myths about being a Mormon like, “don’t you marry more than one person?  Isn´t your church so strict and you all hate people that don´t follow your values?”  I was trying not to laugh and I explained to him what we believe and helped him understand our church better.  He asked about the Book of Mormon and how long of a book it was and so I took it out and bore my testimony.  It was so special, I have never had an experience like this, but the spirit was sooo strong I started to cry and I know he felt it too.  After he said, “wow you´re really changing how I feel about Mormons, I like you!”  I said, “We´re just normal people!”
   He asked about why we can´t drink and about the law of chastity.  I told him how we try to stay away from addictive substances so it doesn´t take over your life and become all you care about, and how it´s unhealthy.  Then he asked me about my opinion on gay marriage.   I told him that in our church we believe marriage should be between a man and a woman so we can have children and families and that is the way God has set it up.  Then I explained how just because someone has chosen that lifestyle doesn´t mean we don´t like them.  We still love them and accept them, but we´re not going to live that way because that´s not what we believe.  He was like wow, that´s awesome.  Then he told me he was gay and I was like oh okay!  Well, that doesn´t change what I think about you, you are a super nice and friendly guy and I enjoy talking to you! He was like well, thank you!  I like talking to you too!!  He was so awesome, I loved that guy!  He helped me fill out some paperwork and helped me with my bags!
So we arrived in the airport at like 7 am and there was a group of us missionaries that stuck together when we were getting our bags.  Then someone couldn´t find one of their bags....oh wait that was ME!!  One of my bags was missing and we found out it was on another plane and I would get it later that day!  So then, we meet a lady with a sign like in the movies saying LDS missionaries come over here! So we all sat down and she said wait here!  We waited in the airport for 2 HOURS!!!!!  We didn´t know what was going on because no one there spoke English to us.  But it was okay because these Elders, my companion Sister Oldroyd and I had been traveling with them since we left Provo MTC.  They kept us very entertained with all there funny stories.  Elder King and Elder Banz, they both went to BYU and King is from Ohio and Banz is from Salt Lake.  They are so nice and so funny and we had a blast talking together for 2 hours!   We finally got to leave the airport and got put on a bus and drove to the MTC!!  When we got there, there were these bodyguards in front of the MTC in like suits and they opened the doors!  IT WAS SICK!!! Then when we got out the Brasil MTC President and his wife were waiting for us up the ramp saying, “Welcome!  We are so happy you are here!”  They gave us hugs, shook our hands, and gave us yummy Brazilian food.  I really liked them. (; Then we took showers and once we were clean, they gave us an orientation.  President and his wife are some AMAZING people!  They were Mission Presidents in Brasil, served missions here, they were called and ordained my President Monson!  Oh and you know the booklet that every missionary gets when they get their call??   Yeah, the elder baptizing the tan guy on the cover is their son!  That´s a guy he baptized in Brasil!  SO STINKING COOL!!!!! Then we took pictures with President and his wife, did you all get that picture??  They emailed it to you!!!(:
Okay, so the Brasil MTC is a whole lot smaller than Provo MTC, maybe a little over 200 missionaries!  Americans are the minority so at devotionals we have to wear a headset and listen to someone translating the talks to English!  Haha it´s cool!!  Okay so everyone before hand told me Brasil food was amazing, but you don´t understand why until you try it.  BRASIL FOOD IS UNREAL, IT IS HEAVEN FOR EVERY MEAL!!!!  I kid you not, I feel like I am eating out at a restaurant for every meal.  I LOVE THE FOOD HERE!!!!!!!(:  And I thought Provo food was good!!  Their rice and beans are to die for, their chicken, bread, and fruit and drinks!!! Ahhhhh, why can´t America cook like this??? Come on!  Brasil needs to give us a few pointers!!!  Everything is just so fresh and so good here!!!  I wish you all could try it!
Living in this MTC is A LOT nicer then how I pictured it! They have water you can drink here and its warm or cold, whatever you want!  This place is so much nicer then Provo!  I feel like I´m living in a hotel in the tropics or something!  Sao Paulo is kind of like San Fran with all the buildings close together and crowded and crazy motorcycles cutting between traffic.  There are lots of cool plants and trees.  Plus, their caterpillars are HUGE!!!  I wanted to pick them up but people said I better be safe and not!  They have this cute little running track and they make you run around it 5 times, I run 10, just so I can stuff myself with more food hahaha(;  We have gym time everyday and it is so fun!  We play volleyball with the sisters and elders from all over South America, its a blast.  We have the cutest sisters living in our room and they both are from Brasil. They are THE NICEST MOST LOVING ADORABLE Sisters EVER!!!  They don´t speak English so sometimes its hard to understand them, but they are so patient with us and they teach us how to say things, its great!!
So my district consists of 12 missionaries, half sisters and half elders!!! And those funny elders are in my district, I don´t think I have every laughed so hard in my entire life.  And 5 of those elders are going to my mission!!!  I´m so happy!!! Okay, I love you all!! It’s hard!!  But I’m so happy!!  Sorry no spiritual stuff because I am in a new place again!!!  Love you!!

Sister Smith

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