Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week Eight!

What a Week It’s Been!

     So many people in this area are ready for the gospel it’s so awesome!!  Sister Amaral and I feel so blessed to be in Rio Verde having these experiences, talking and teaching so many people!

Okay, I know I already said this but I LOOOVE BRAZIL!!!  The food, the people, the culture like holy cow I feel so blessed to have been called to serve here. The people here are super chill, friendly, give us water when we pass by their house and let us use the bathroom.  The fruit here is unbelievable!!  Don´t worry I only have found one tooth in my meat and one hair, its going good so far. 

     Sooo just when I thought lizards replaced rats and mice here...I was wrong.  Last P-day I was taking a picture and wasn’t paying attention then sister stopped me and had me look at what was right in front of me on the road...a pile of dead rats.... I literally started screaming and running down the street.  Sister Amaral and a member we were with were laughing their heads off...I didn’t think that was funny at all.

     Sacrament meeting is incredible! Literally everyone gets up and the bishop has to stop people to end the meeting. I bore my testimony...again, I was like sister, why are we on the stand I bore my testimony last week.  She said, “welcome to missionary life” hahaha. 

     Good news I saw a dog today!!!!  Bad news, it got hit by a car!  It was soooo sad, I like screamed when it happened! Then it got up after and limped off! 

    Our investigator Julio can’t get baptized because he killed a man 3 years ago. 

Love you bye,

Sister Smith

 Missionary Feet
My Favorite member Carol (she's been a member for 6 months)
One of many Gecko's in our house

Street in Brazil
 Where I live!

Our Bedroom


 Laundry Station

 The Fruit in Brazil is Delicious!

Eating the best food in the world at a members house.

 One of the members had a chicken and
 the elders were pretending to eat it.

 A member cooking food for us.

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