Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week Nine!

Best Week Ever!!!

            This week was insane!!!!  We have been teaching a family of 5 for almost two weeks now and we had been fasting and praying for them.  Right when we met them we were like THIS FAMILY IS PERFECT.  They already were married in Brazil, which makes it a whole lot easier.  (Most people don´t get married because it’s to expensive and takes a lot of time, so they just live together instead).  The only problem they had was drinking coffee.  When we taught them about the Word of Wisdom they promised to obey it, so we took their coffee away.  Everyone in the family has kept their promise to not drink it and they haven´t!  WOOT WOOT!!  The family prayed about getting baptized and they felt that they should!! 

On Tuesday night we went to visit and only the mom was there with her son.  We were confused because usually the whole family was there, but they were at the church playing soccer.  So we taught the mother and she was having a lot of doubts and said she wasn’t ready to be baptized this Saturday.  We were so confused and asked her if she had any questions or if there was something we could do.  She said “no”.  Then sister Amaral got emotional and told her that we pray for their family everyday and she pictures their family all in white standing in front of the temple ready to be sealed.  Then I got emotional and pulled out the pictures of my family and expressed my love for them and how grateful I am that we can be together forever.  I told her that this gospel and church as brought more happiness, joy, and blessings than I can express.  I told her that I know she loves her family too and wants to be happy and be with them for eternity.  She didn’t really say anything and then we left.  Sister Amaral was crying saying we need to humble ourselves and pray and pray for this family and ask Heavenly Father to soften their hearts.

The next day we went over to their house and the whole vibe was different. The family was all present for the lesson and happy and we asked them if they´d be ready for baptism on Saturday and they all said YES!!!!  The dad of the family said that his wife told him what we said the day before about families and how she didn’t feel ready.  The dad told his wife, no this is good, I think it would be a good thing for our family to get baptized.  MIRACLES HAPPEN PEOPLE!!!  Sister and I were on cloud 9 for the rest of the week!!  We thanked Heavenly Father for this miracle.  I know he hears our prayers and prepares people for us to teach and baptize.  Their baptism was a day I will never forget. Sister Amaral said, one day Luis (the dad) will be a bishop and their sons (ages 14 and 9) will serve missions.  I started balling when she said this!!  I am so grateful to be apart of this wonderful work (:

-Sister Smith

Luis and Regina and their 3 children's baptism 

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