Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week Seven!

Two Baptisms this Week!!!

     Family, friends, and anyone else reading this! Wow, what an incredible week!! Last week I didn’t get to talk much about our investigators because it would take too long! So, now I will talk about them and how incredible they are! 

     So my first full day in the field me and Sister Amaral were walking down the street and saw a cute old black man sitting in front of his house. (All Brazilians sit on chairs in front of their house and chill) It gives us a great opportunity to talk to them because they are already sitting right there ready to listen haha. So we sat down and talked to this man named Julio.  He was really quiet and shy and didn’t say much.  Sister Amaral talked about keeping the Sabbath Day holy and then asked me to bare my testimony.  The spirit was so strong and he was really trying to pay attention to what I was saying (since I can’t speak very good) and I got emotional...as always haha.  Then Sister Amaral invited him to be baptized and he said YES!!!!  It was amazing....after Sister Amaral was like sister that testimony was amazing and really brought the spirit.  That experience was just what I needed to start out in the field. We continued to teach him every week.  

     One time we taught him we had a member with us and Julio had a friend listening to our lesson.  The lesson was going so well and the spirit was so strong, but I hadn’t said anything or contributed to the lesson in anyway.  I wanted to speak soooooo BAD!!!! I wanted to bare my testimony that this church is TRUE!! That I came to Brazil to share the good news!  I was praying Sister Amaral would ask me to share my testimony.  She did, and in my broken Portuguese I cried and poured out my soul.  And I could tell everyone was a little shocked because I was crying, but the spirit was just so strong.  Every time we teach, I think, you know, I may not know this language right now all the way, but what I do know, is that this church is TRUE!!!  I HAVE A TESTIMONY OF IT AND I WANT YOU TO TOO!!!!  It’s so awesome!! We invited him to church last Sunday and he came and said he loved it but then after he asked if he could have money for food.  We talked to the Bishop and he said “no” and then Julio just left.  I felt crushed inside because I didn’t want him to just leave and we didn’t know if all he wanted was money for food or if he truly wanted to be apart of this church. 

    Last Monday night we were walking down the street to his house and I got this overwhelming love for Julio.  I loved this cute old man and I wanted him to be happy and know this gospel is true.  When we got to his house, he was crying.  I didn’t know what he was saying because he talks really quiet and kind of mumbles (a lot of Brazilians do and they don’t have teeth so the whole time I’m like okaaaaay...sister take over I don’t know what they just said haha) Anyway Sister Amaral kept saying para bems, congrats.  I started crying because I knew it had something good to do with his decision to be a member of the church.  So after we were done I asked sister what exactly he said.  She said he heard his mother, who had already passed away say to him in his dream, this church is the right way, keep going.  He said he couldn’t pass up this opportunity to be baptized, he knows he needs to.  After sister told me that, I busted into tears!! SERIOUS????? I was seriously so happy we knelt down and thanked Heavenly Father for giving him this experience to know its true. Can’t wait for his baptism!!

     So one night we were lost and I was like Sister Amaral lets ask this guy for help.  This black teenage boy was holding a little girl and was talking on his phone.  We asked him for help and then introduced ourselves.  We asked him if we could share a message with him and he said yeah.  He had already met with the missionaries a couple times. But we began to teach him and became friends with him.  He is super shy but super nice and really wanted to get baptized. He had a drinking problem but stopped after our lesson about the Word of Wisdom. woot woot!! He told us he had a dream about it and he came to church with us and on Saturday HE GOT BAPTISED!!! YEAH FOR LUCIANO!!!!! WOOT WOOT!! I love that kid, he rocks!!

     Okay, the sisters that were last in this area met with this awesome old man named Noguerria.  So we visited him and he is a hoot! He is seriously a crack up and loves me since I am from the US hahaha! He likes to tell everyone about me! And prays for me to learn Portuguese! I love him!! He reminds me of grandpa Headman. He also got baptized on Saturday!!!
them next week!!!

Love You All,
Sister Smith
 Sister Amaral and Sister Smith
 Luciano and Noguerria's Baptism Day!

My district. I love them!

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