Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Week 23

 Christmas Miracles!

Week 23-Dec. 28, 2015

 Miracle #1
First of all, trying to contact my family on Christmas was an adventure to say the least! Haha I forgot to get their skype account number on P-day so I could talk to them.  So I had our member friend get on his fb and message, instagram, and email my family!  Finally when no one was answering for like 2 hours, I asked if we could call my family on the phone.  My member friend was working hard on the Internet trying to figure out how we make a call to the US without costing money.  Then after a couple tries of talking to this woman in English and Portuguese, trying both the home phone and moms and dads cellphone, the woman said "okay, thank you Jessica, bye".  I was like, what, your hanging up on me…..why?  I need to talk to my family.  Then all the sudden I hear my daddy´s voice say, Hello?? AWWW.. can I just tell you after not hearing your parents voice for 5 months it’s like coming HOME!!  I just started bawling!  After, I thought about our sweet Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ...imagine hearing their incredible voices again…WOW!  That will be even more awesome!  But anyway, it was the greatest thing first hearing their voices, then talking to them and seeing them in the flesh on the computer screen.  During the first 20 minutes Elder A. Santos had my camera and he was filming me talking to you all on the phone bawling and my first reaction seeing you on the computer.  I was super annoyed telling him to stop being the paparazzi because he had the camera in my face and was following me around. Haha, but then after I turned off the computer and I watched the videos, awww I was grateful he recorded it!  Now I have your voices to hear and the memory to watch!  So that was awesome!!

Miracle #2
Okay, so this week was full of miracles!!  Stephaney got BAPTIZED!!  After much fasting, prayers, and faith both on our and Maura's (her mom) part.  Maura was baptized a week before and she is so solid in the gospel.  Maura is AMAZING!  She is literally my mom, so sweet, outgoing, loving, and firm in the gospel.  Maura has been struggling financially and yet offers every single day to feed the missionaries.  Her husband has arthritis and he can't even walk.  She washes clothes all day, everyday, just so her family can get by.  She wants Stephaney to be happy so she works even more so that her daughter can have cute clothes and the phone that she wants.  When Maura is tired after a long day at work and comes home...guess what she does...she reads the Book of Mormon.  I love this woman!  I know without a doubt, in my heart and mind, that Heavenly Father has been preparing her to receive the gospel.  I feel sooooo extremely honored to have been one of the people to help bring it to her.  Maura wants to serve a mission, she loves to help others, she is an angel.  She is my angel mom in the mission.  I am so proud of her and I know she will stay strong in the gospel for the rest of her life.  When I found out I was being transferred, I didn’t want to tell her.  She knew transfers were coming and had she said she would cry real hard if one of us leaves.... not to mention that I would cry I tried to keep it from her but everyone kept talking about it.  I finally told her and I can’t tell you how emotional it’s been for her and I.  I promised her that before I leave my mission I will pass by her house and say one last goodbye.  Oh, and we already planned that her and Stephaney will come to Utah and be at my wedding in the Salt Lake Temple...hahaha(: I love them!

Miracle #3
It’s crazy to think when I left Rio Verde, I didn’t think I could love anyone more than the people I left there.  But I know that each family and person I meet that chooses to accept the gospel I have this special love for.  I can’t describe it, you have to serve a mission to know what I’m talking’s true love, true happiness, the pure love of Christ.

Miracle #4
Once again the mission is the best decision I’ve ever made.  Everyone I talk to asks, “Holy cow you talk so good for only being here 5 months."   I say, it’s the GIFT OF TONGUES PEOPLE!!  Read it in D&C and in Moroni’s so cool.

Miracle #5
I'll make a super long and complicated story short, just trust me when I say this is a miracle, I finally received the Christmas and Birthday boxes that my parents sent me!!!  

The gospel is true, our Savior lives and he loves each one of you!  Have a great week!! 

OH and a Happy New YEAR!!  
Half way to 40 here I come...ahhhh(;

-Sister Smithie poo

Stephaney´s baptism (: 
It was a special day indeed!!

My Christmas Eve was spent in the jungle while yours was in the snow hehehe(:

House of a member! She has the most beautiful plants, It made me think of my mommy!!!

Christmas Eve, I made no bake cookies!!

 Maura and Stephaney´s Christmas Tree!!(:  
The elders were laughing at my foot in this picture….(;

 Yummy food on Christmas Eve!

Dinner at Maura´s house...she is literally my mom in the mission, I love her so much!  Ever since we taught her and she got baptized she feeds us and just looooves the missionaries, I am going to miss her when I leave! this week!!

Some of my favorite members! They are so awesome!They always help the missionaries..they bought us ice cream on Christmas Eve!

 This puppy has my heart!
                       Our lobby on Christmas pretty!! 
  Christmas day lunch at a members house!

Christmas Day Food!

I Finally got my Christmas and Birthday package!  
Thanks Odelomar!

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