Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 24!

My new area….Caldas Novas!
Week 24—Jan.4, 2016

I just got assigned to my FIRST AMERICAN COMPANIAN!!! WOOT WOOT!!  Sister Kendell is from Nebraska but she lived in Utah for 2 years before her mission!  She is so awesome!  She has been in the mission for 4 months and as you know I have been in for 5!  The Lord has some big faith in us newbee´s (; But she is super smart and is helping me with Portuguese which is a blessing.  And it’s easier for us to understand each other because....well, we both speak English.  So when I don’t know a word, I can just say it in English and right way we know what each other are talking’s kind of awesome!  It’s better than being confusion for 10 minutes trying to figure out a word! But we don’t speak English to each other only Portuguese...I literally have forgot English. hahaha(: 

Caldas Novas is 3 hours from Goiania and 2 hours from Rio Verde! It is a lot smaller here, it’s a little town, more like Rio Verde!  It’s different but Sister Kendell has been here for 2 transfers (3 months) so that always helps. (:

Yesterday was my first Sunday here and we had Elder Diaz who is a quorum of the 70 speak to us in a little church of only 74 people.  President Kuceki came to visit too!  It was super special and he talked a lot about the simple things that we need to remember everyday! He talked about the commandments and how we need to keep them because the world is getting worse and worse.  He talked a lot about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.  I loved this because this is the hardest thing for investigators.  God gave us our lives, bodies, families, everything, and he blesses us everyday.  Without him we are nothing.  We have 6 other days in the week to do whatever we want and only one sacred day for God..our creator.  It is crucial that we go to church on Sunday partake of the sacrament, remember and renew our covenants with our God.  We feel the spirit, we feel inspired and uplifted to become better, more like our Savior.  We don’t go shopping or do regular things like play on facebook or instagram.  We read the scriptures, sleep (this is my favorite part of Sundays) and we remember the one person that gave us it all.  Sundays are the BEST!!  Keep the Sabbath Day Holy people it’s so simple and easy to remember but so easy to not follow.  It was a special talk, I loved it.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes can’t believe I’m half way to forty...AHHHH"!!!


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