Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 27!

Laughing Burns Calories
Week 27—January 25, 2016

Here are some funny things that happened to me this week.

 Okay so last week Sister Kendell and I were doing contacts in the street.  Which is stopping people, introducing ourselves, asking them if they have heard of the church, and then inviting them to church.  If they have heard about the church, we ask if we can share a message with them in their home about Jesus Christ.  Oh, and our goal is to talk to 250 every week!  So I stopped this little old lady with an umbrella and said, “Hello, how are you?”  Then she looked up at me, she had the biggest, thickest glasses I’ve ever seen before!   The glasses made her eyes appear huge!  She looked up at me startled that I had stopped her in the street.  Then she looked at me like she was super scared with her giant eyes staring at me.  I was like oh no!  I’m sure she will calm down once I tell her who I am and that I’m just inviting her to church.  But her expression didn’t change.  She just stood there with her big eyes looking at me like I’m about to eat her.  She looked so cute and really funny I was trying not to laugh.  Then when Sister Kendell finished with her contact, she came and stood beside me.  I could tell she immediately knew what was going on.  Then Sister Kendell turned away and started coughing to cover up her laughter.  I was afraid I would loose control, so I started coughing.  Then we both started laughing because we both were coughing.  This entire time this sweet lady had the same facial expression on her face and finally we said we are so sorry and she was like what for?   Then she said, “I have to go, bye.”   Sister Kendell and I ran around the corner of a building and were laughing/crying because we had almost lost it!  Everyone walking by was looking, smiling and laughing at us because we were laughing so hard! ohhh you guys...IT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING!!! 

So later that day I got the hiccups super bad, like we are talking they hurt my chest they were so bad!   Not only were they painful, they were LOUD!!  So we are walking down the street and there is this couple waaay down the street and when I hiccupped the couple turned around to see what the loud noise was.  Then we went to a members house, I was trying to teach and talk but the whole time everyone one was just laughing at my hiccups.   Sister Kendell and I were laughing too...oh it was a crazy, funny day indeed.

The other day we were knocking on doors and we knocked on this one door and a lady let us in!  We were talking forever with her.   After a while the lady goes and gets a chair for me.  Then I said  “It’s really nice to meet you!....ooppss...I mean Thank you very much!”  Everyone in the room busted out laughing so hard I was like, oh man!!

That´s all I have time for this week!!  I LOVE YOU FAMILY and FRIENDS!!!!  Remember the church is true, the book is blue, and d loves you!! xoxoxox

-Sister Smithie poo

Yummy Açaí!!

  I love Caldas Novas!
  missionary shoes after 6 months 

 I bought new Brazilian shoes(: 
 They are comfortable & good in the rain!!
 I guess my blood tastes good.

 I love Sister Kendell!

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