Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 25!

Our hearts can hold more love, than we ever imagined!
Week 25—January 11, 2015

This week was AWESOME!!! Okay so we have these cute neighbor boys that are getting baptized this week and they are literally the CUTEST things ever! They´re mom has problems with smoking and drinking and we are trying to help her to stop.  She said that she would let her kiddos get baptized if that is what they really wanted and it wasn’t a joke.  She called them in the room and asked each one of them if they wanted to be baptized, they responded really fast saying YES! YES! I WANT TO!!  Awww, and the little boys Cosme and Damian give the most sincere adorable prayers (they love to pray) Cosme blessed the homeless people in the street, and all the homeless dogs and animals (there are about 100000 of them here) and he asked to see his older sister again because she passed away last year.  Sister Kendell and I were crying during the prayer the spirit was so strong. 

Then yesterday we taught them about the Word of Wisdom and Cosme and Damian said that they would stop drinking coffee. And when he said the closing prayer he said “thank you God for bringing these sisters to our house to teach us the gospel I knew they were good people when I first met them”....oh my word my heart melted and I just started bawling.  This family has Sister Kendall and my heart.  They are the sweetest most sincere kids and they are so excited to get baptized and wear a white shirt and tie to church. 

This week has been so special.  I think I have bonded more than ever with the members here, there are a lot of young kids here that have been baptized and we visit them everyday to help them stay active.  I love them!! 

There is also this member Migel and he literally helps everyone here.  He makes dinner for us every night and buys pizza for us and the elders.  This ward and area is so small but everyone is so close and helps and serves one another. Awww!  I swear I don’t think the next area can be as good as the last, but it is!  I meet new people and become friends with them and I just fall in love with the people in every area! 

I Love my companion she is AWESOME!!!  We have so much in common and we understand each other, I love her!  I’m glad we can be friends and visit each other after our mission, because we for sure will(:   Remember that return missionary that served in my same mission who I talked to and ate lunch with before my mission!   Sister Kendall is friends with him and they were in the same ward!  Small world ehh??!!  Mom the CTR rings you sent me for Christmas were in Spanish BHAHAHA!!  But hey, it doesn’t matter, it still means the same thing!  Portuguese is CTR also haha!

Okay so last week a sweet member didn’t like a picture of her on my camera and instead of deleting one picture she deleted all of my pictures and videos!  I sat there with my heart sinking when I realized what she had done.  I had pictures and video of me and Sister Matos opening the Christmas presents my parents had sent to us.  I also had pictures and videos of myself and Sister Kendall on my 20th birthday celebrating with members and also opening my presents from home.  I knew my mom would love all those pictures and videos and I was excited to send them to her.  I told Sister Kendall that everything had been erased and she about started crying for me.  I had tons of emotions go through my head how I could react, cry, yell, scream, be angry, but instead I didn’t say anything and I grabbed Lais (the member) and gave her a big hug and told her that I loved her and that it was okay.  I just have to say that the spirit helped me in that moment be calm and realized that these are just things and she is a person and I love her more than pictures.  Sister Kendall was astonished at my calm reaction, I was too, but I know my reaction was only like this because I had the spirit with me.  It was a special experience.(:

I love you all.   Thanks for all the emails and letters they make me HAPPY!! 



Cosme and Daman and their fam bam!!

I love this kid, Jeni, he has got so much swag!!  

Word with our Jeni boy! 


I want a doggy like this one…..awwwww

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