Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 34!

8 months!
Week 34—March 14, 2016

Wow!  Every week in the mission, is incredible!  I always learn so much.  This week I have really learned a lot about the gift of the atonement.  In the mission I have seen my imperfections more than ever.  I have been trying so hard to better myself each day and to really use the atonement more fully in my life.  We don’t have to feel guilty of our mistakes or be sad because someone already suffered for all of them.  We just have to use this wonderful gift called repentance and we are washed clean.  We never have to have another worry in our mind because everyday we have the opportunity to become better, more like our Savior.  This gift is always there....whether you use it or not.  Christ suffered your pains, and your sorrows so you don’t have to!  Never forget it!! 

I love you all!!

-Sister Smith

 Our House

 Entering our house
This wall is sturdy.

Knocking on the door...

twenty years later.. (looking at my watch)

Oops! I have the key! (me walking inside) 

Walking to wake up the meninas(girls) for church!!! 

Tracting at a very pretty door.

We eat good every p-day...bring on the burgers!! 

These are presents Patricia gave us!! 
Soap and these adorable bags!! 

More pictures from Last week at a members house.

 I love this little guy (:


Just pondering eternity….(:

Is anyone home?

Everyone, meet Elder Contreras hahaha

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