Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 33!

What a week!
Week 33-- March 7, 2016
This week was a busy one so, lets get started!  First of all thank you so much for all your prayers and support!  I literally can see them and feel them throughout my day everyday out here on my mission.  THANK YOU I LOVE YOU ALL XOXOX
I have a sad story to tell you!!  So this member Lais has the most adorable dog ever!  We were there the day when they first brought him home.  I sent a picture of me holding him a month ago!  He is just the cutest!  We visit this member’s house almost everyday and I get to hold him and play with him a little...hehe.  Every time we leave the house I tell Sister Kendell...I WILL BUY A DOG WHEN I GET BACK!!  I’m in love with him and he always runs up to me and wants to play with me and Sister every time we visit.
So one day I had him in my arms and he was super excited and he ripped my earing out of my ear.  I said help, he has my earing in his mouth and the mom ran and was trying to take it out but we couldn’t find it.  We were all like oh well, I hope it comes out the other end.  Then yesterday we were at there house and we asked Lais where is Grindgies? (the name of the dog)  She looks at me and said, Oh he died!  We said what?!?  How?!?  And she said remember your earing, yeah, he was coughing up blood and had bad diarrhea.  I looked at Sister Kendell and she started laughing a little, thinking it was a joke.  I was like NO!  Is this a joke or are you serious Lais??? And she said it’s true!  I asked when it happened?  She said last week, yeah Gene (her little brother) didn’t tell you?  Gene and my mom cried a ton.....I was in such shock I literally lost it!!  I started crying so hard and I felt so bad.  I don’t think I ever loved a dog in my entire life like this one and the fact that it’s a possibility that he died because of my earing, that made me feel awful!!  I was sooo sad!  Lais tried to comfort me and said the same day he ate fertilizer and they think it could have been that too!  Ahh, I felt so bad!  Last night I was extremely sad :(
So I have been praying for experiences to help me grow here on my mission, as a missionary, person, and with the language.  So yesterday I had the opportunity to teach a lesson in the Gospel Principals class to all the adults.  Okay, first of all in English this is a little intimidating...let alone in another language!  But everything went great!  The Lord helped me have confidence, and helped people feel the spirit.  AW it was cool!  I know with Heavenly Father and faith in him we can do anything!!(:
Okay, this week I was reading in Moses 7 and really pondering about our Father in Heaven...and OH ISN'T HE INCREDIBLE??  He is the father of worlds and so many people, that we humans can’t count.  He is a GOD, perfect, intelligent, he has it all.  And yet he loves me...and you, all of us sinners.  I feel so unworthy of love from a man so great, so grand, and good.  He is so amazing!  I can’t describe my thoughts and feelings on paper.  But he is so incredible.  He loves us so much and he has every reason to be cocky and be a show off, but no, he is so humble.  He cries when we don’t keep his commandments and he smiles when we chose to follow him.  Awe He is so real and so good!  I love him so much and I can testify he loves you sooo much.  Serving a mission has opened my eyes and my heart at just how much he loves each one of his children.  I have felt just a pinch of the love he has for the people here in Brazil. 
Oh, I love the mission you guys. (: It's truly the happiest place on EARTH!!
Have a great week!! 
-Sister Smith 

Tracking in the hot Brazilian sun!

My district

Just loving my mission!

P-day is Pajama day!

I love my companion!

Did you say smile?

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