Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 32

Meet Patricia
Week 32—Feb. 29, 2016

First of all where is time going?  In 2 weeks I will be out 8 months...holy flip!!  Slow down MISSION!  PLEASE!!  Oh, and ps. It is getting harder and harder to type my emails in English so sorry if things don’t make sense or I spell things wrong!!

The baptism for Rodrigues was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!  Like wow, the spirit was sooo strong and he is so ready to get the priesthood!  I love him and his cute wife!  She wants to get baptized but she has to watch her dad who is sick at home everyday all day (he is super old).  So only one of them can go to church while the other watches him.  But I know she will have the opportunity to visit church and be baptized soon!!

I want to talk about Patricia today!!  We met her daughter, Caroline first and gave her the pamphlet about Joseph Smith and the first vision.   Caroline was so excited when she saw the picture of Joseph Smith!  Then the next 3 times we tried to visit her, no one was home or Caroline was gone.  Then one day we had this feeling to stop by and see if  Caroline was home, and she was!!(:  We were talking to her when all the sudden her mom comes running down the driveway and is so excited to meet us!  We were like haha who are you?  She gave us a hug and said she read the pamphlet that we gave her daughter 3 times.  Then Patricia (the mom) goes on and tells us about experiences that she’s had!  The spirit was so strong and Sister Kendell and I were crying so hard.  We continued visiting her and at the second visit she told us she had researched the church on line.  She told us she like cleaning her house blasting the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  She had been researching Joseph Smith and was telling us everything she has learned.  Let me tell you this, she does her research about the church and she knows how to use the church websites.  We gave her the Book of Mormon and she reads it like everyday and cries and is so excited!  All her questions and things that have happened to her are finally being answered more and more everyday as she reads the Book of Mormon.  She listens to the prophet’s talks on  She is amazing!!  We showed her the movie of Joseph Smith and through the whole movie she was bawling.  Then after, she shared experiences that had happened to her that were super special.  The spirit was so strong! She said all her life she has had special experiences and tried to tell people about them but no one believed her.  She has visited churches and no one has been able to help her understand her dreams and experiences.  She is obsessed with the church.  She wants to visit all the church places in the US and wants Caroline to serve a mission.  She already prayed and received an answer about the Book of Mormon.  She knows its true!  She had a friend talk bad about the church and she is already defending it!  At the baptism, she said she saw a light shining in the water when Rodrigues was getting baptized.  Yesterday, she visited church for the first time and the entire time she was so excited and saying “hi” and hugging everyone!  She was crying during the lessons because she knows this church is an answer to her prayers and what she has been praying for her whole life!  She is so amazing!  Mom, I wish you could talk to her and meet her, she reminds me of you! 

This week was amazing with Patricia!! xoxoxo

-Sister Smith

Sister Kendell, Caroline, Patricia, & Sister Smith
 Patricia & Caroline came to the baptism on Saturday and it was their first time visiting the church.  They were so excited and felt the spirit so strong!! 

Baptism for Rodrigues, it was so special!!

The baptismal font..the pool!  We spent 3 hours cleaning and filling up the pool beacuse the hoses weren't working.  We had to used buckets to fill the font, but then the water ran out!  Luckily, we prayed and we had enough water for the baptism ahaha it was stressful!! 

The chapel in our church.  
Our church was a house(; 

Where we have gospel doctrine class! 

Where people  play soccer at the church.

Elder Yanqui and I on P-day eating lunch!! 

Me with some homemade pastries with cheese inside!! yum yum

We found a lizard in our house when we came home.  I was super excited!  
I wanted to keep him as our pet hehehe(;

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  1. We enjoy reading your blog! Our son it also serving in the Goiania Mission.