Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 29!

I'm staying in Caldas Novas!
Week 29—Feb.8, 2016

I’m staying here in CALDAS NOVAS!!!! Woot woot!(:  I’m with Sister Kendell and the Elders here in our district for another transfer!!  I’m very happy and excited!  Transfers are hard.  You finally get used to your companion and love them.  You fall in love with the members and the ward.  You get to know the area better...and then all the sudden someone tells you to pack up and go somewhere else....hehe(;  I’m happy I’m here for another transfer!!(:

Okay, so this week I have a little problem on my arm...don’t worry it is getting better...but sweet members Cosme and Damian are super worried and like to look at my arm haha.  When we visited Cosme in his house and he was saying the closing prayer...oh my word, it was the cutest thing ever!!   Cosme said, “please bless Sister Smith´s arm that it will get better, that she will be healthy and that all will be well because I love her and am so grateful for her.”  Then he said “Father, how is my bunny doing up there?” (Cosme’s rabbit died a couple weeks ago) “you taking good care of her?”  Oh my word!  I was smiling during the entire prayer!  I wanted to give that cute kiddo a big hug! haha(:   But I can’t hehe!  It was literally the sweetest thing.  I was holding back tears.  Cosmes prayers are so sincere. 

So yesterday Sister Kendell and I didn’t have 1 investigator in sacrament meeting.  It was a little disappointing.   But when we got to church, the chapel was FILLED!  It’s never filled, like there aren’t enough members attending each week to have a chapel.  So we meet in this house, with a swimming pool as the fount, it’s super humble and special.  But anyway, I was so excited that so many people were there!  The Elders had 7 investigators and instead of being jealous, I was super happy for them!  I bore my testimony and the spirit was so strong!  I was extremely emotional and was blessed with the gift of tongues.  It is real!  Okay, first of all, it’s hard to get in front of people and share your testimony, and second, try it in a different language.  You need the spirit with you and you have to have lots of faith!  It was special!  These moments are when I grow the most!! 

-Sister Smith

Cute Little kids!

Lais did my hair the Brazilian way...
what do you think??? hahah 

This leaf is bigger than my head!!! 

 Beautiful Brazil!
Playing and swimming in the gutter woot woot(: 

The first dollar (real) I found in the road!!
 I was super happy(:
 I had this umbrella for a week....yeah.

My district

Selfie of us in the road 
(: hehehe I take these pictures with our cellphone(: 
 We bought the famous bbq meat on a stick
it's super yummy hehehe(:
We ate here and I ate rice and beans because it was the cheapest thing!!(:

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