Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Week 30!

I love Joseph Smith!
Week 30—February 15, 2016

Yesterday we were sitting in a members’ house waiting for her to finish lunch for us and we were watching the Joseph Smith movie. (the 1 hour version) Then all the memories of visiting Nauvoo, and the Sacred Grove on our family church history road trip came flooding back to me.  All the things we learned about Joseph Smith, his personality, the little cute things he did for his wife, how he played and ran with all the little kids, how in tune he was with the spirit, his life, how difficult it was, and yet all the things he accomplish...AHHH!  I turned and put my head in Sister Kendell´s shoulder and said “AWW why is Joseph Smith so awesome?  I love him!”  She turned to me and said Sister, do you have a crush on him?  I laughed and said “HA! Heck yes I do!!”  Joseph Smith is INCREDIBLE!  A humble little 14 year old boy that lived on a farm that wanted to know what church was true...he changed the world and I am forever, forever grateful for what he did.  He is being talked about all over the world...every….single….day.  I love this man and I can’t wait to get to talk to him one day...and maybe hug him. Hehehe  I know Heavenly Father chose him because of his pureness of heart and his love, determination, courage, and eternal faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ!! #mancrushmonday

Okay so Saturday was an adventure because Sister Kendell and I are in the last hour of studying when I receive a call that I will be giving a 10 min talk the next day in sacrament meeting. I was like, well thanks for the warning!  Mission life!  I talked about the importance of members in missionary work.  It went sooo good!(:  Heavenly Father is so good, he has been stretching me and putting me in learning situations, helping me grow and excel!  The spirit was so strong!  I will tell what I spoke on next week!  I’m out of time!  But the bishop said that I always give talks beautifully so that was nice of him! haha 

I love you all,
Sister Smithie xoxoxox

Thanks for all the letters and packages that you all have sent me!  I love them all so much! (:

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