Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 42!

Heavenly Father knows We Can Do It!
  (With His help)
Week 42—May 9, 2016

So this week was super special because Rodrigus, the man that Sister Kendell and I baptized was made second Councilor in the Bishopric here in Caldas Novas.  I can’t tell you how much joy it brings and how unreal it is to meet someone and watch the gospel transform them.  He isn’t the Rodrigues I met the first day knocking on his door (clapping) he has changed.  We can see the change in him every time we are with him, when he bares his testimony, reads/studies the scriptures, and when he prays.  He has let Jesus Cristo become apart of who he’s so special to see.  Yesterday, when I congratulated him on his new calling I told him “I know this is a big responsibility, but you´ll be able to do it with Gods help.  He´ll be beside you, always.” 

I love this quote from Elder B. Eyring it go’s something like this,
“The Lord chose you, he didn’t choose you because there was no one else, or it was more convenient for you to do the task.  No, he chose you because he knows you can do it and that someone with authority received revelation from God and they felt that you were the one to do the task...” 
I like to apply this quote out here in the mission field.  I know that God called me to the Brazil Goiania Mission speaking Portuguese because He knew I could do it.  He didn’t say it would be easy for me or that everyday would be sunshine and tulips, but that it would be possible.  There are people that have been waiting to find the truth, and He has led me to them.  But there are more that He is preparing for me and my companions to find and teach.  We can do anything with the Lord´s help, with him by our side, guiding, teaching, and comforting us.  Whatever calling or mission call we receive in the church it is to help us grow, to become better, it will bring out something in you that you never thought you could do.  But only God knows you have it in you, that’s why He called you to it.  Heavenly father and our Savior Jesus Christ can change our lives if we let them in.  They love us and want us to grow and become more like them, not like the world, THEM!!  They want the best for us and most of all they want us to return and live with them and our families in bliss and happiness for eternity!!  AHH!  They are so incredible aren’t they?? 

I love you all!  Thanks for your support and prayers!  Keep reading the Book of Mormon as a family and on your own!  Oh and go to the temple a lot...especially because...I miss the temple!! (; 

Te AMO!! 
Com muito amor,

Sister Smith

 Elder made brownies for our meeting with our district!! Woot woot!!

 Getting a treat on P-day.  Acai is soooo good! 

 Ice cream in any country is delicious! 
I love irma selha!!
 Lunch at Rodrigues´s house!!
 It was soooooo yummy!!
Look at this cool bug I found!

Solute to an awesome Mother´s Day..
our inside joke for Sister Vital hehehe

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