Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 43!

We Got a 10!!!
Week 43—May 16, 2016

This week was a good one, holy cow!!  So on Wednesday Sister Vital and I were doing our companionship study as usual, when all the sudden the assistants called asking for our address. (We had been warned that Pres. Kuceki is doing a scan of all the houses in the mission to see if they are clean and tidy)  You guys, I got a flash of the movie “The Best 2 Years” a moment when their Pres. made a surprise visit and entered their house and it was all messy. ahhaha!  Luckily we were prepared and just did a couple sweeps, washed some dishes and we were ready.  President Kuceki came in with his assistants and looked at our apartment and complemented us.  They looked in the fridge and saw that we had ice cream.  He looked at Sister Vital and said, “I know who bought that...” haha!  Sister was like how did you know?  Sister Vital was so embarrassed it was hilarious!  We talked to him for a bit and then he gave us a BIG 10 on how clean our house was!!  Can I get a WOOT, WOOT??!!  Yay!!  He said he has only given 3 other 10´s in the mission(;  Lets just say we are proud of our apartment.  Oh, and they all loved our apartment, Pres. Said, “I would like to live here!” I told him, “I LOVE IT HERE!”  Like seriously, we have one of the nicest, if not THE NICEST apartment in the mission(: #feelingblessed

Okay this week was insane because of many reasons.  First our investigators Rafael and Fabiana have been to church for a month now.  On Tuesday we decided to pop the question again about baptism and then about needing to get married legally first.  When we got there, the house felt different and Fabiana´s eyes were super red and Rafael was super quiet.  We talked and then asked how they are feeling about baptism.  Rafael said he knows this church is true and wants to get baptized and then we asked Fabiana and she said she isn’t ready.  So then we asked them about getting married and they said this was the issue.  They are thinking about splitting up.  It was so sad, they didn’t give us the details and we didn’t give advice but asked if they would go and talk to the bishop to work things out before making a decision.  We had a fast and have been praying and after talking to the bishop they said they want to work things out and stick together!(: But they don’t want to get married quite they can’t get baptized for at least a month, because they have to get married first.  So we are waiting and praying for them because they are an awesome family, their kids love church and everything too.  So we are just relying on the Lord and his time for them to be baptized.  They are reading the Book Of Mormon together and everything, they are elects!! 

Love you all!
-Sister Smith

p.s. This computer isn’t letting me download pictures for some reason. (sorry)

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