Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 44!

Keep the Faith!
Week 44—May 23, 2016

Baptisms and finding people has been super slow here in Caldas Novas, but that hasn´t stopped us!!  We have been praying and fasting to find someone ready for baptism and guys this week the Lord has been preparing people and putting people in our paths. We´ve seen many miracles and tender mercies.

This week we went to visit an investigator and they were having a problem with one of their family members so we didn’t get to talk to them, so we left to go visit another person.  We were walking down the street when this lady on the phone ran up to us and said “hey!  What church do you attend?  Could you help me and say a prayer for my sister who is having problems with her husband?”  We were like “yes, of course!”  So we followed her to her sisters house and after we got there said a prayer for her sister.  The lady that brought us there was Eusoni, and she said “Are you guys mormons?”  We were like “yes, people call us that as a nickname.”  Then she asked us, “do you have the Book of Mormon in your religion?”  We were like “yep!”  And whipped a book right out of our bag and explained it to her and her sister then gave each of them a Book of Mormon.  It was awesome!!  So we scheduled a day to visit them and invited them to church on Sunday.  Eusoni wanted us to meet her family and said she´d read the Book of Mormon!  She was so excited and thanked us!  So a couple days later we returned to her house and taught the Restoration to her and her whole family.  It went so good and they said they would all pray and go to church.  Eusoni said that the other day when we said a prayer at her sister’s house, before we got there her sister was about to take pills to kill herself.  But after we got there and said a prayer for her, she didn’t want to anymore.  Eusoni said she had a prompting to ask us to help her when she was in the street.  She didn’t know who to ask or what to do and then we came walking by and she felt she needed to ask us for help!!  We were like AHHH!!  The spirit told her, it was so cool!!  Eusoni was at church on Sunday and loved it!  She´s GOLDEN!! 

Okay, another amazing experienced happened yesterday.  So last night I wasn’t feeling too good and I was a little stressed out because I couldn’t figure out where this address was.  We were walking and I was looking at the map when Sister Vital stopped me and said lets go talk to that man, I have a feeling we should.  I am not going to lie people, I was a little frustrated and we were late, we had already reached our goal of contacts for the week, I just wanted to get going and find the house we were looking for.  Right when I thought this I was like, I need to repent, watch this man totally have a problem and need us and we are an answer to his prayer.  So we started talking to him and I could tell something was wrong.  I didn’t ask him, but we waited and he finally said.  “Wow, its amazing that you guys stopped and talked to me.  I saw you guys walk past me and I thought, I think they are from a church and then you guys came back and talked to me.  I have been having a lot of difficulties this past month.  I got divorced and I lost my job and I feel I need to start going to church and I don’t know what to do, I feel super lost, and I’m living with my mom.”  After he said this I looked at my companion and she looked at me.  You guys, the spirit speaks to us, but it’s hard to hear him in our moments of stress and worry.  We must be in tune and listening and paying attention to the spirit. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost and how he spoke to my companion.  I learned a valuable lesson from this.  I’m so grateful Heavenly father is preparing people for us!!

-Sister Smith

This is the mom of the bishop here, isn't she just the cutest! I said "I need a pic of you in your adorable dress!" And she was like, okay, and placed her hand on her hip hahaha(; 

The member on the right Pedro, has read The Book of Mormon 2 times and he is 11 and was baptized in December!!  Ryan get reading (;  

Selha (wife of Rodrigus) gave me this skirt!! 

                           The field is white and ready to harvest 
                               (it's not wheat but actually weeds, 
                                but it reminded me of the scripture)     

 Smashed in the car it was hilarious (: hahha

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