Thursday, June 2, 2016

Week 45!

 Happy Families
Week 45--May 30, 2016

This week we have been working a lot with families and holy cow can I just say, raising your family is the gospel is ESSENTIAL!  I knew it before the mission (obviously) but in the mission yeahh it´s just soooo REAL guys.  Sister Vital and I have been laughing a little because seriously everyone we are working with either has marriage problems or problems with union in the family.  We have been teaching about how to have family nights and how the gospel of Jesus Christ can help a family that may been weak or passing through trials.  We have been like, yep Heavenly Father is trying to teach us something here!  Haha!  Heavenly Father has made some things clear.  Before you marry someone you pray first, you make sure you have a confirmation from the spirit and Heavenly Father that they are the right person.  Fortunately or Unfortunately who you marry will not only affect you, but your kids.  Also, when we are baptized and sealed in the temple with our family for eternity, it doesn’t end there, that´s just the start.  Everyday you have to work, remember the covenants you have made, read the scriptures together, pray together, go to the temple together, and have family night.  It breaks my heart to see families out of the gospel struggling but also people that have the gospel struggling.  I am learning marriage isn’t easy...I’ve never been married but holy cow, its something hard for everyone, but if you are doing these basic things, those problems won’t be as hard and Heavenly Father will help you.  You will see the hand of the Lord in your life, in your marriage and family everyday.  Marriage is a triangle with Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost at the top and you and your spouse on both sides. 

This week Sister Vital and I have been seeing the need of education.  Education is POWER.  The more you know the more opportunities come your way.  Like college is super duper ESSENTIAL too.  Go there, study, get a good job, and also pray about what you should study.  Your job can either help your family or be a burden for your family.  So you better choose wisely!(;  So many people here in Brazil didn’t finish high school, got pregnant at 15 and then married.  Later got divorced and have kids and don’t have a job to buy food or to pay rent.   This week we have been working with members and it has broken Sister Vital and my heart.  One member doesn’t have a job, he is divorced and he stopped going to church because he is stressed and can’t figure out what to do.  Another member is sad because he wants to get married but can’t find the right person and started drinking again.  Another member can’t go to church because the only work they can find is on Sunday and is slowing making other wrong decisions.  We have been teaching about the need to keep trying, keep pushing, don’t give up when trials come. You can choose to reach for the Saviors help or you can do the easy thing and fall and do what everyone else is doing.  Drinking everyday, laughing, being merry because tomorrow we die.  DONT DO IT!  Keep the faith!  Ask for help from Heavenly Father, ward members, the bishop, find help!  Our sweet Saviors knows what we are going through when challenges come, he knows EXACTLY how you feel and what you need to do to overcome a bad habit or difficult situation.  I am so grateful for the gospel. It has everything we need to be happy, be safe, and avoid the dark sorrows of the world.  The gospel keeps us holding tight to the rod and far from the great and spacious building. THE CHURCH IS TRUE PEOPLE!! 

Funny story I was walking super fast in the dark and didn’t see the sidewalk was a little higher than another part and BAM!! I stubbed my big toe!! (Guess the movie) I kept walking because we were late but I literally had to stop because I thought I broke it haha!  The next day I could hardly walk, then 4 days later I stubbed the same big toe!! I’m like ouuuuuchh!! haha but luckily I didn’t brake it just sprained it hahah!! 

I love you all!  Thanks for all your love and support!  Time is flying!  Have an awesome week!  Love ya´ll!!!  Don’t forget to have family night and scripture study!! xoxoxox

-Sister Smith

p.s. if it's driving you crazy what movie she was talking about it's, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

 Our cute Bishop Rezende!  Happy 71st Birthday!

The elders baptized Maria last week and 
I just love her!! 

 I love this awesome member (the Elder that baptized her lives in Utah and I know his sister!!)

I love eating lunch at Rodrigues & Selha´s house (we are wearing the skirts/dress 
that she gave to us.)

love Pedro!!!

Why sooo serious??? photo bomb ever. 
I'm dying!

The Jungle!!!

You cut that pineapple girl, We love pineapple!

I Love my Brothers!

idk either folks....?

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