Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 46!

Surprises, Miracles, & Spiritual Gifts
Week 46--June 6, 2016

Okay, I don’t have words to describe this week.  So much has happened and there have been nonstop miracles!!  To start off, this was the last week before transfers.  I honestly didn’t have any idea about what would happen, but I was positive that Sister Vital would stay here because Pres. always keeps people in this area for a long time. But as we know, Heavenly Father knows better than us!!  We had a surprise call late Friday night, we´re talking 10pm (that’s late for missionaries.)  The assistants called and said hello “Sister Smith!  Are you liking the area?”  I’m like yes!!!  Then they asked to talk to Sister Vital....I’m in shock because they didn’t say I’d be transferred.  But then they told Sister Vital she is being transferred!!!!  She was crying and so sad because she literally has the biggest heart and is already attached to the people here.  I kept telling her she would stay for another transfer and she thought I would train her again but NOPE!!  They didn’t tell her where she´d be going or the name of our new companions because the whole mission is having a farewell for President and Sister Kuceki this week.  They will surprise everyone and tell them who their new companion is and where they’ll be serving!  (This is the 1st time they’ve done anything like this in the mission.  I’m so excited!))

So before knowing about the transfer, things have been a little rough for Sister Vital and me.  We have been teaching and finding LOTS of new people but unfortunately no one has been ready to accept the gospel.  We have been being obedient, praying, fasting, having lots of faith, and have kept being our excited selves even through the dull times. The other week when I told about the miracles about the people we found, none of them have kept through.  This has been my first time training and we haven’t had a baptism.  In my first area my trainer and I had more than 1 baptism. (;   I’ve felt super bad for Sister Vital because I wanted her to have the experience of finding amazing people and then having lots of baptisms.  I have been super patience and I know that everything happens on the Lords time and that its not about the number but that these are real people with REAL problems and it takes time.  But after we received the call that Sister Vital would be transferred I had a hard time.  

Never in my mission have I thought I wasn’t doing enough or doubted if I was a good missionary.  It’s been 2 months since my last baptism and the goal of the mission is to have at least 1 baptism every month.  Caldas Novas isn’t an easy area and I have found the most INCREDIBLE people here like holy cow!  Rodrigus, Cosme and Damian, Patrica and Caroline, Rafael & Fabiana, Wellington, and more, but most of them have to resolve problems, and need to get married and here in Brazil the process is super long.  We have found amazing people but nothing has been happening. 

 I prayed to Heavenly Father that night and told him I’m sorry if I haven’t been a good trainer and that I’m sorry that I haven’t had any baptisms.  I told him that I have been trying my hardest but to please help me know what I can do better or what I’m lacking.

The next day went to Rafael & Fabianas house for a dinner that they prepared because some of us would be leaving.  Background; I talked to Rafael in the street and got his address and visited him with Sister Kendell 2 times then Sister Vital and I taught them and they all wanted to get baptized.  But then they had some things they had to work on and they needed to decide if they really wanted to get married.  That night they told us they had decided!!  THEY ARE GETYING MARRIED AND BAPTIZED!!!  The 3 of them!!!  I WAS IN SHOCK AND SOOO HAPPY!!!  Then we visited Wellington the next day and HE SAID HE WANTED TO BE BAPTIZED TO!!!  Miracles from Heavenly Father people....I have no other words to say.

Then to top off the week we had a surprise visit from President and Sister Kuceki in our cute little ramo (smaller than a ward).  Pres. Kuceki didn’t tell anyone he was coming, he just showed up.  I was in shock and nervous because I was going to be teaching the lesson on Sunday and now Pres. and Sister Kuceki would be here to hear it!  I was nervous but I had a prayer in my heart and you guys it was the most perfect lesson!  We talked about gifts of the spirit.  We talked about the gift of tongues, the gift to see angels, and the gift of revelation.  I put them in 3 groups to read and talk about 4 spiritual gifts.  President and Sister Kuceki were in the same group as Rafael and Fabiana and they were all talking and sharing experiences.  Then after I had each group tell about a gift they studied.  Sister Kuceki said to Rafael, share the one you talked about with everyone.  He went on to tell that he has the gift to know that this gospel is true. He told about the first day I talked to him in the street and how we taught him in his home and how he knew it was true.  I was crying and Sister Kuceki was crying too.  It was the most special moment ever!  It was special to hear him share this with everyone there.  I felt so much happiness and joy and felt so humbled that Heavenly Father guided me to Rafael and that he is getting baptized!  After, we bore our testimonies in sacrament meeting it was incredible!!  I couldn’t stop crying then we sang “How Great Thou Art” one of my favorite hymns!  It was so wonderful you guys I’m grateful Heavenly Father answered my prayers and confirmed to me that the works of my labors have paid off.  I know now that He is pleased with me!

-Sister Smith  

 My favorite family Rafael & Fabiana, Rafael, & Junior!! They will be getting baptized in July!!!!! (:
Look at the cake they made us because
 Sister Vital is leaving!!

Look what Fabiana and Rafael gave to me!!  3 new pairs of shoes they were't using!  I looooove them and they are so comfortable!!  They gave me a dress the other week too but it didn't fit!   
Happy Sister Smith (((: I needed new shoes!!

Farewell party for me and Elder Alves but turned out to be for Sister Vital!!
 Look at the food!!!  It was to die for!!  yum yum

My district during the surprise visit of President and Sister Kuceki, I love them! 
I will miss them so much!! 
 This little member says "Sister,here is a present for you."  So Sweet!
My favorite member family! The moms name is Jessica (we´re good friends) 
Meet Wellington (he´ll be baptized this Saturday)
 Eating dinner
 Elder wanted my hymn book in english soooo bad!  I told him if he bought me acai he could have it hehehe 
(this was his last transfer and now he is headed home!)
 Acai always keeps ya smiling!

 Look what President Kuceki dropped off at church for us when he stopped by! 14 letters clear back from Feb. and a package from my Aunt Tiffany!! THANK YOU! (thank you grandma & grandpa Smith and Schauerhamer for the letters) I love you all! 
ps Tiff I will make the dress work. I LOVE IT!  THANK YOU!!!

 Life is a Highway...

The saaaawwww and my arm eheh!

I'm going to miss Sister Vital, she is going to visit Utah after her mission and she´ll come to my wedding!!

 Our last DISTRICT MEETING TOGETHER!!! I am going to miss Sister Vital!  Elder Alves & Yanqui will stay another transfer with me!! ((:

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