Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 13

Three months already?

I feel like I´ve been on the mission for 3 years because soooooo much has happened it’s crazy! I can´t believe I´ve been here for 3 months...only 15 more to go!!  NOOO that’s weird, I don’t want this to ever end!! (: haha seriously this is the best, hardest, most rewarding, difficult, most spiritual experience of my life.

I love this scripture in D&C 78:19 And he who receiveth all things with thankfulness shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him, even an hundred fold, yea, more.  Opa!!!  If that doesn´t pump you up, I don’t know what would!!  I love this scripture for many reasons!  First it describes the people in Brazil.  They are so humble and always so happy with what they do have.  They don’t need fancy things to make them happy.  I’ve learned so much from them.  They are always willing to give us their food, water, and let us use their bathroom and most the time they don’t even know us!  They just know that we are servants of the Lord.  I have learned so much from the people here, and have so much love for them.

I have been studying this talk by Elder Russell M. Nelson that he gave to the new mission presidents around the world in 2014.  It is an incredible talk and I want to share a part that I love with you all.

God wants his children to return to him, but the amazing thing is, he allows them to choose that course; he doesn’t force them.  He sends his children to earth, causing a veil of forgetfulness to come upon them. They are here to gain a body, to be tested and to make choices.  The greatest of all the choices they make is to choose to return to their Father.  First they learn of Him.  Second, they learn of his beloved Son.  Then they learn of His church and His plan of happiness that allows them to return to Him , via the holy temple, which qualifies them to dwell with Him, his Son, and their families forever.

I love this part because it says everything that we believe so perfectly and simple for everyone to understand.  I have a testimony that Gods plan is pure joy and happiness.  I know that without it, no matter how hard you try to be happy you will never have full happiness and joy.

-Sister Smith

This is at a members house!  With my old district.

Sister Amaral with all the sisters she has trained...all Brazilian, except me hehehe(:  I got to meet them when we went to Goiania for the meeting with all the sister training leaders and zone leaders.  I got to tag along and talk to the mission president and his wife..pros of having your companion as a sister training leader 
woot woot!

I looove this park! We always pass by it! I love the palm trees. They don't have things for kids to play on only funny excercise equiptmenthahah

Campinus Temple (: when I was in the MTC

This was from last week when we baptized 
Alexandre and Rymundo.

GOIANIA is gorgeous!!!

and not as hot as Rio Verde..I like this part (: 

The Trees here are so cool!

 The streets of Brazil

 Beautiful Brazil!

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