Monday, October 5, 2015

Week Eleven!

I Love My Mission!
Week 11—Oct. 5, 2015

Wow, what an incredible week it has been for me.  First off, I AM STAYING HERE IN RIO VERDE WITH MY SISTER AMARAL!!!!  Woot woot!!(:  I am beyond thrilled and happy that I´m staying here, you don´t even know!  Yesterday we were waiting for a call from the assistants to the President to tell us if we would be getting transferred.  I was anxious the whole day.  I was hugging everyone and super emotional. 

We were teaching Noguerria, the old man that I call my Brazilian Grandpa Headman...haha!  Seriously his laugh and the way he loves me and watches over me reminds me of my Grandpa Headman!  He is the cutest thing, I just adore him!  (p.s. I love you Grandpa Headman!  Miss you and think about you lots!  Love you too Grandma Headman!)  But we were sitting in his cute little house and I was looking at him and his friend that we baptized this week, and I just thought of how much I love them.  The spirit was burning within me and I started to get emotional.  The Lords’ work is so incredible.  Bringing people unto Christ is pure love.  It changes you and it changes the people that accept it. You see these people how Christ sees them.  I wished I could hug Noguerra sooo bad in that moment and tell him I’m so proud of him for his decisions to give up coffee and follow Christ!!(:  In the next life I will hug him...hehe!  I started crying and told him I loved him and he said what he always says, “Love you my child.”

After we left his house I just started bailing.  Sister Amaral looked at me and was like, why are you crying???  We don’t know if we are leaving yet?  I told her I don’t want to leave.  Just the thought of leaving these people, the members, the ward, and this area, it’s my home and they are my family.  She hugged me and said I know, I don’t want to leave either.  That night we never got a call...I AM SOOOOO HAPPY!!!! AHHHH(((:  I´ll miss 2 of the elders in our district that are leaving. They have become my brothers and I feel so blessed to have had them here to help me and make me laugh everyday.  They are amazing young men.   Awww and the members here are just my family.   Ahhh I’m crying writing this now and I know I’m staying here for another transfer!!  I just love my mission, the gospel, this church, & the Book of Mormon.  I love the people and working with them everyday!   I finally received all your letters! (: Letters from clear back to Aug. 30!)  Lets just say it takes awhile for letters to get here!

Okay, I just have to brag about my companion for a little bit because I am so grateful I have her for another transfer. (: She is the most beautiful Brazilian I have ever seen.)  She looks American and is 21 years old and perfect in everyway.  She is so loving and patient with me.  She always thinks of me before herself when we are eating, shopping, at a member’s house etc.  She always teaches me and helps me when I don’t understand something.  She doesn’t hold grudges...THANK YOU!!  Lets just say I’ve made many mistakes with the language, and in a house with different things that I am not use to and she will be annoyed and get over it in 1 minute.  She doesn’t talk my ear off but then doesn’t not talk at all.  She knows how to work hard and she knows when it’s time to laugh and talk about fun stuff and when it’s not that time.  She is very very organized, clean, and tidy...more then me!!! Now that’s saying something!  Oh, and she won’t drink her water if it’s hot....she  only likes cold water.....we´re twins, what can I say.  She says the funniest things in English randomly.  She makes me yummy Brazilian food. She is so stylish and loves to be clean.  Ahhh I could go on forever, I feel so blessed to be her companion.

Okay I´ve got some insane stories I’ve forgotten to tell.  One night it was dark and we were walking home and talking.  I was looking at sister while we were crossing the road and I thought she was taking a step into the road when really she was stepping out of the road (difficult to explain)  All the sudden I’m in the middle of the road and I hear this screeeching of a car stopping behind me and sister Amaral grabbing my arm pulling me out of the road....yeah I almost died.  Another time, it was dark and I was a little to focused on my cracker and not looking at the sidewalk...the dips in the sidewalk are like so random and if you don’t look you trip...or biff it like I did.  Luckily, it was dark and only the people behind me saw me eat it...and my cracker!  I was laughing so hard after, Sister Amaral wasn’t she was so concerned if I was okay, she´s so sweet.  Still Another time, I was with my favorite member Carol and sister and I biffed it super hard again and this time really skinned my knee. I’m pretty sure the dude passing us on the motorcycle almost crashed watching me and laughing so hard.  Everyone saw that one and I laughed for about an hour afterwards.  We´ll have to do a replay of these in heaven so we can all laugh funny!!  Never knew I was a klutz, the mission brings out every color in you. 

Okay, I just have to say conference was unbelievable.  Saturday session I watched it in Portuguese and didn’t understand everything, I had sister tell me about it after.  But 2nd session me and another American Elder and 2 other Brazilian Elders that know English watched it in another room.  Let me just say conference in the mission field is something else. It’s a real treat and gives you an energy boost, I loooved it! I will talk more about it next week!

We had 2 baptisms this week and they were so special!!

I love you all and miss you!!  I finally got your letters...8 of them!!  Can I just say I have the greatest siblings in the world.  Ryan and Aleece you made me cry so hard. I love you all and am so proud of you.

Make sure you pray and read the Book of Mormon everyday this week.  Oh, and ponderize by memorizing a scripture this week too!!  I’ll ask you about it next week (; love you all!!

-Love your Brazilian Sister Smitchie (as the Brazilians would say)

In Noguerra´s house! I  love this guy sooo much! He's my Grandpa Headman in Brazil (: 

Baptisms for Alexandre and Remundo (brother to Luis the family we already baptized)

I finally got your letters! YAY!

My favorite boy.

The classic brasilian dish...oh my word its like eating heaven for every meal. They need to teach Americans how to cook. (:

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