Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 14

Milagres esta Semana!!! (Miracles)

It´s was pretty crazy when I first got here, in Rio Verde, Sister Amaral and I were on fire teaching and baptizing, but it´s definatly slowed down.  I have learned so much and it’s getting harder, but the miracles are so obvious to me now it’s insane.  Every single day I see more and more how essential this gospel is for families.  I have seen families in the church fall back into old habits with the law of chastity and the word of wisdom.  It just breaks my heart to see families suffer because of poor decisions.  I know that without the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives, we do not have true happiness and joy.  You can try all you want to be happy and satisfied without it, you may feel happy for a moment or for a short time, but not for eternity.  Holy COW my eyes have been so opened this week.  This gospel just keeps me growing (; I LOVE IT!!!

So this week we had a date for Lenilson to be baptized.  He was so excited when we first taught him and he couldn’t wait to be baptized.  As we started to teach him, his friends would sit in on the lessons and the spirit just wasn’t there.  He soon became unsure about baptism and started lying to us and we found him drinking with a bunch of woman.  It was super disappointing and sad.  Satan is real and definitely has his heart, it’s so sad. 

It’s easy to get discouraged but I have to look at the bright side like what happened yesterday!  We had 18 people visit our sacrament meeting!! WAHHOOO!!!  The goal everyone sets is 20. Three weeks ago we had 21 then the attendance fell to 10 then 13 and yesterday 18!!!  Miracles happen when you diligently fast, pray, and be obedient!

-Sister Smith

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