Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 16

Because Salvation NEVER was Easy!
Week 16—Nov. 9, 2015

This is my new favorite quote on my mission! The other day when one of our favorite investigators turned down baptism we were more than a little bummed.  Then out of nowhere Sister Amaral said in English “because salvation never was easy!!” I looked at her shocked and busted out laughing because she always just randomly says these English phrases when I least expect her too. She said Elder Holland said this in one of the missionary talks he gave...I haven’t heard it yet!  But holy cow did I need to hear this!  It is so true!  Salvation is not easy, if it were, everyone would be baptized and be a member of the church!  There would be no need to have missionaries, but guess what? This is not the case.  Some people are ready to be baptized and some aren’t.  I just need to keep remember this is the LORDS WORK...not mine haha!  So whenever someone turns us down, I say this out loud and I feel better! AHHH I love this quote!! Elder Holland rocks!!

Okay, so this week we had two baptisms!!! Fabiano and Flaviano!! They are so amazing and were soooo ready to be baptized. They are what Sister Amaral and I call elect beings haha.  It is something else when you teach an investigator, they know the gospel is true, get baptized, and then help you teach other investigators and share their testimony with them!  They did this yesterday and the whole time they talked and shared their personal experiences in the lesson, I sat there grinning the whole time.  I have so much love for these people that want to give up drugs, they want a better life, and then take action and do it!  They read the Book of Mormon, they come to church, and participated in the lessons.  Man, when you serve a mission you see the atonement work in people's lives more than ever!!  I feel so blessed to be here in Brazil, in Rio Verde, baptizing people.  I thank Heavenly Father everyday for this experience!
I love you all! 

-Sister Smith

Flaviano and Fabiano got baptized!! Woot woot! I love these guys they are my favorite and were so excited to get baptized (:

Fabiano´s baptism!! I love him..I asked him to smile like a hundred times but he said no, not in pictures, I was so bummed. haha

I love Tiece, she is going to serve in Portugal next month!! I love my awesome district! 

I love Clauese she is my other favorite member! She is the one that gave me the picture of Louis Tomlinson!

 I have been wanting to take a picture of this ever since I got here, but I never have my camera.  I saw this coming down the street and wipped out my camera!  The man was looking at me like I was some freak!   After I took the picture I smiled and waved at him, it was funny! 

This is another family in our ward!  They asked if it would just be us and not the elders...what can we say, they love the Sisters better (; hehe!  They already have their Christmas tree up! They don't have Thanksgiving here!  Their daughter in the back isn't active.  We talked about the Holy Ghost and oh man, the spirit was so strong! We had a fun time!

My favorite baby in Brazil!! Sophia! Her parents Ludiani and Wesner are members and always love us to come and visit them! They wanted to do a family night with only me and Sister Amaral because they just love us so much!  They fed us the most amazing dinner like holy freak, I wish you could all try it!!

We visited other Sisters in our area because Sister Verscosa only has one more week in the mission! We went to the mall to eat and THEY HAVE SUBWAY!! Best day EVER!!!

These sisters are so amazing!!! I love them(: 
We had a fun P-day all together(:

Having fun at the mall on P-day!!

I can't wait to watch this when I get home. ;)

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