Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 19

Guess Who wants to move to Utah!
Week 19- Nov. 30, 2015

This week was AWESOME!!  We had last minute interviews with President Kuceki, because we live so close to the mission home now.  We are in the ward next to his, so we are in the same stake!  I will be seeing lots of him now! woot woot!!  President Kuceki is so hilarious, chill, and super nice!  He asked me in the interview where I lived in Utah and I said Draper!!  He was like ahhhh, that is where our family wants to move when our kids get a little older!!!  Draper or Sandy area! YEAHHH!  How cool is that??  I will get to live by my Brazilian Mission President in 10 years!!  Then he asked me how my family was and I held back tears and said “oh, they are just FANTASTIC, me serving a mission is really strengthening them and blessing our family.”  Then he asked me how the mission has changed me and made me a better person.  Holy Cow…I was like, the mission has taught me humility.  In order for you to teach, you have to have the spirit with you, and to learn another language you HAVE to work hard and have FAITH and rely on the Lord.  I said “I have never prayed so hard in my entire live to have the spirit with me.”  I need to have the spirit with me for others to feel the spirit and that´s not ALWAYS easy.  I told him how happy I am here, and how incredible the people are.  I miss my last area but I’m excited to work hard here too.  He was like yeah, “Rio Verde is awesome!”  He gave me advice about how I should study the language and advice for perfecting my Portuguese.  Then he pulled out the Book of Mormon and told me to read out loud.   He stopped me at the 2nd word and corrected my accent and had me say it again.  I said it again and he said “no,” like this and said it again!  Then I said it wrong again!  Then he plugged his nose and said it and he said “plugged your nose too!” hahahah  I was trying not to bust out laughing!  Just picture me with my mission president plugging our noses and saying this word in Portuguese’s over and over it was HILARIOUS AND AWESOME!!  We got super close in the interview.

Later we had the privilege of eating in his house with Sister Kuceki and their 4 kids!  The oldest is married and lives in Provo (Sister Kuceki asked about Sarah´s brother David who is friends with her son, because they served their missions together in Brazil) then they have a 21 year old daughter who is married with a baby, then an 18 year old girl, a 16 year old girl, a 8 year old girl, and 3 year old boy...he is so stinking adorable!  He is so tiny and their family just adores him!!  But anyway, the food was so delicious!!  Oh my word!  Sister Kuceki is so amazing she is always so happy, smiling and laughing...she reminds me of my mommy!  Love you mom!  Then after we took a picture and they put it on the Mission Goiania Mission page.  Okay, the Brazilians love condensed milk...LOVE!  For deserts we always have fruit and condensed milk..yummy(: (my twin wouldn’t like dessert here). 

Okay so background, for your information.  People here are OBSESSED WITH AMERICANS.  Especially if you are blonde haired and blue eyed like holy cow you’re a celebrity (remember my experience in the MTC).  I always have people asking if I have contacts or if my eyes are really this color.  There’s this man we taught a lesson to, he really liked me and was super friendly and what not, yeah!  Then a couple days later we ran into him and he said he had a dream about me and asked my companion if I had someone waiting for me at home.  She was like YES!!  And we ran away...never to visit him again...

Okay so I didn’t get to finish my awesome news last week.  So when I was here in Goiania, when Sister Amaral had meetings, I went on splits with another sister and we met this girl, Stephaney.  She is elect, and she happens to love she loves me!  She didn’t even have to get to know me to love me, she just instantly did!  (-;   She is 16 and is hungry to learn the gospel.  When I met her I was sad because I would most likely never see her again...then I got transferred here...the Lord is AWESOME PEOPLE!!!  She is getting baptized on the 12 and yesterday her and her mom came to church.  Yesterday was special because a Quorum of the 70 talked to us I don’t remember his name but he is Brazilian.  Pres. and Sister Kuceki also spoke and holy cow Stephaney’s mom was super emotional the whole time and after she said “that was an answer to my prayers.” When she was leaving she told the elders, “I will see you at church every Sunday.”  Today we will invite her to be baptized too! WOOT WOOT!!! MIRACLE!!!

Then this week we have a baptism for Alessandria, she is 11 and is beautiful!  We met her the first week here when we were teaching her brother and she asked, what baptism?  I want to be baptized!!  We were like, HECK YES YOU DO AND YOU CAN!!!  I love her!  She is like my second baby sister and when we were teaching the law of chastity to her yesterday I was getting so emotional because I just care for her so much and I would never want a man or boy to take advantage of her.  It was so special!  She is getting baptized this SATURDAY!! YEAHHH! 

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, I love you all!! 
-Sister Smith

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