Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 18

My first week in Goiania!
Week 18—Nov. 23, 2015

I prayed for a hardworking and patient companion and WAHOOOO he gave me Sister Matos!  Heavenly Father heard my prayer, he always does.(:  Sister Matos said she prayed for an American companion to help with Portuguese and HELLO HERE I AM!!  I have already learned so much from her! I ask her questions on the bus everyday when we are walking to and from the church, which takes an hour to get there from our house...lots of walking.  When we don’t have time or have lunch at a members house that is forever away we take the bus. And let me tell you a little something...the buses here are INSANE!!  You know the night bus in Harry Potter..yes that is what it is like!  If you aren’t holding on to something, you´ll be smashed in the wall in a second!  I don’t know how the buses don’t flip over with how fast they go and how sharp of turns they take.  It’s a wild ride everyday hahaha! 

My companion is a lot different from me, she is shy and more nervous to talk to people than I am, which is funny because I don’t know the language very good but I’m not afraid and I’m not embarrassed.  I feel like I’m teaching her a lot because...I mean I did have the best trainer in the mission.  No seriously, Sister Amaral is like famous!  But I have realized how much I have learned from Sister Amaral and I am taking what I learned and teaching Sister Matos, its awesome!  I feel like she is helping me with the language and I’m teaching her how not to be timid and to talk to everyone and to be proactive and remember to do the little things.  Having her as my companion has made me see how much I have already grown on my is truly amazing.  I am far from perfect and have a lot to work on, but it’s been a blessing to see some progress. 

I had a miracle happen this week.  Every night we somehow have been getting lost and it’s been a little stressful, but it’s a new area and we are still getting the hang of it.  It was our 3rd night in Goiania and we couldn’t find the portal for the bus that we needed to get home.  It was getting late, and near to the time we had to be in our house.   We were trying not to freak out.  I said a prayer in my mind and said Heavenly Father I don’t care how we get home, just please help us to get home on time.  Five minutes later I automatically, without thinking, stopped this lady in the street and invited her to church.  She was like AHHH I loooove the missionaries, I used to go to your church but I go to a different one  now!   She asked if we speak English and then she started talking to us in English.  She was like come to my house and I will feed you 2 or what can I do for you?  I asked her to help us find the right portal to get on the bus because we need to be home by a certain time.  She couldn’t find the right portal either, so she got a taxi and rode with us to our house.  It was the biggest blessing EVER!  She tried to talked English to me the whole way to our house!  It was such a tender mercy from the Lord.

Another cool experience I had this week, was while I was studying in the scriptures.  I read D&C 84:87-88...this scripture is in my patriarchal blessing and it is so cool because this is a mission scripture and I never thought my blessing talked about a mission, but it does!   Last night we decided to walk home and it takes and hour and it was dark (mom don’t freak out).  I have to admit I was scared, but I thought about this scripture and about angels being on my right and left keeping me safe.  I kid you not there were moments I was holding my breath, but we were protected and I seriously was so grateful!  I couldn’t sleep last night I was so amazed that everything was okay.  Heavenly Father loves his missionaries and protects us.  I feel so blessed to be representing Jesus Christ everyday. I can’t believe I have been out for 4 months.  I never want my mission to end!  

Thanks for all the love and support.

-Sister Smith

My new Companion Sister Matos!  She has only had 1 more month in the mission than me and she is new in this area too! 
I love her she is shy but so sweet!

Goiania the week before I got transfered!  The gigantic football stadium and the view of Goiania (this is when I didn't know I would be living here for my next transfer hehe).

 My view at night, the mall in Goiania..this city has got money..very different than my other area!


My new area...I litterally cried when I saw this view…It's so beautiful here..I WANT YOU TO COME HERE FAMILY!!  No, this is not my new companion I went on splits with her in Goiania when Sister Amaral was meeting with Presidnet Kuceki.

Adventures in Goiania before I knew I would be living there my next transfer!!

 This is what happens when you get your Christmas package and there are 10 other sisters there..hahaha Sister Carvalou, I looove her!  Sister Amaral and her are best friends(:  My favorite sisters. 

When I found out I was getting transfered and I was bawling, Sister Amaral wasn't, she never does hahaha….

 My last baptism in Rio Verde with everyone!!

Me trying to tell Fabiano to smile for a picture (Brazilians never smile). 

Me, my old Zone Leaders Elder Snail (he is from Spanish Fork and his parents moved to St George, he is awesome) Elder Badu (black dude, other Zone Leader, he's craaazy) Elder..I can't remember but he is from Orem and his mom is in the Tabernacle Choir) We always chat in English togther(:

This was a day of tears haha (:

I love Carol!

Last days in Rio Verde!

My favorite baby Sophia (her parents want to stay at our house and visit the Salt Lake City Temple) I love this baby sooo much!

Clauese, with the picture she drew me of Louis Tomlinson.

 My favorite juice Regina makes (fruit from her trees) 

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